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How many days do you work a year?
8/22/2010 12:59:24 PM

Weird Labor Math

The year is made of 365 days having 24 hours, 12 of which are night time hours which add up to 182 days.

This leaves you with 183 days of work minus 52 Sundays which leaves you 131 days to work minus 52 Saturdays which leaves you 79 days to work and there are four hours each day set aside for eating which adds to 60 days which leaves you 19 days for working, and are entitled to 15 days for your vacation which leaves you 4 days left for work minus 3 days usually taken off due to illness or other emergencies, which leaves you one day to work which happens to be a Labor day, which is a holiday.

Thanks your Friend and Neighbor, Howard
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RE: How many days do you work a year?
8/22/2010 5:06:00 PM
I think that you forgot time to use the bathroom. Seems we have no time?

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