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A True Story about a Home Invasion
7/28/2010 11:54:18 PM

A True Story About Home Invasion

The couple was in bed when about 11:15 pm Judith was awakened and said, "There's an intruder in the house." Bill said, " You're just dreaming." He decided to check anyway, but when Bill saw the bathroom door closing, he returned to their bedroom and found his Walther P22 pistol.

He pointed the pistol at the bathroom door and yelled, "Come out with your hands up... I have a gun, and I WILL shoot!" After Bill warned the intruder three times, the man came out with his hands up.

The thug then dropped his hand while walking toward the preacher saying, "Don't shoot me!" The much larger home invader pulled a big knife and lunged at Bill stabbing him through the left arm, which he had raised to protect himself from being stabbed in the chest. The force was hard enough to break the blade, knocking Bill to the floor.

While Bill was on the floor, he shot the intruder five times. Then Bill shot him twice more as he ran down the hall, and finally shot one last time as the large man collapsed into their den.

Judith called a neighbor who notified the police.

Bill's stab wound sliced all the way through his arm and was so deep his muscle was exposed. When he went to the hospital, he needed seventeen stitches in the one arm and four in the other. He also had a long cut on his cheek. He had to have a blood transfusion as he had lost so much blood.

The police said Bill was indeed a HERO. This brutal ruffian had a rap sheet three and one half pages long, going back 25 years. His last known address was the county jail. This home invader will no longer be a threat to anyone.

Bill had just recently bought a gun and taken a course in using it. He never dreamed he would have to use it, but his statement was, "It would be foolish not to be prepared!" I asked Bill, "Was that a hard thing for you to do?" His reply was, "Forty-five years ago when I married my wife, I promised to protect her, and I was keeping my promise."

The Rest of the Story:

This couple had not been able to sleep at night from the trama they suffered from this break in. The employees where Bill worked paid for an alarm system. Bill said they have been able to sleep sounded for the last few nights because they knew if the alarm went off they would know and then a call would be made to the police. This is the peace of mind and security you can have with a Home Security System. Personal safety in a small package Where you are much more than a customer and we are much more than a web store
RE: A True Story about a Home Invasion
7/29/2010 12:02:36 AM
What we can learn from this story told to me by our friends.
"It is foolish not to be prepared". You can never say, "it won't happen to me." Personal safety in a small package Where you are much more than a customer and we are much more than a web store

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