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Beth Schmillen

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Keeping Forums Active Here at Adlandpro Community!
7/19/2010 6:45:12 PM
There's been an ongoing discussion about activity within the forums here at Adlandpro community. This has always been a challenge for new members when they start their first forum. How do I get people to visit and participate.

Sara sent me this message about Adland Community and I thought it would be a good thing to post it here also!

This is a targeted message received from Sara Gardner Blow on 7/16/2010.

World Full of Treasures

Greetings Beth,

This is a great place with a lot of things going on!! Have you taken advantage of all the wonders featured here? If not, you are missing out on advertising in the best of ways - TO BE A FRIEND. People trust and buy from their friends before buying elsewhere.

TO HAVE A FRIEND, YOU MUST BE A FRIEND. Join in the forums and post responses using your signature as your ad but DO NOT POST ADS IN FORUMS unless they are specifically for that and DO NOT POST ADS IN PROFILES!! Those are very rude things to do and will not make friends.

Try these out and get to know your FRIENDS in Adland:


You might even WIN some FREE ADVERTISING here:


How is your ATITUDE? Visit The Mountain It is a big one, you might want to start at the end!!

Want to visit a real ART GALLERY, yes right here in Adland. We are having a Celebration going on for Page 200, join us!! Don't forget to go back to Page 1 for a special treat.

Speaking of Art, if you want to admire Great Art of the World, you found the place.

For some enlightning Financial Freedom Advice, visit this one.

Here is A Place for Friends to Meet and Greet and share some laughs, along with talk of food and recipes.

Celebrate with Native Americans - great forum with lots of information!

This Lady has Talents you won't believe! This is only one, click on her profile to see all.

You never know what you might find here, Pauline's Pourrie!

Try this one for UNIVERSAL TRUTHS.

Now, even best of all, YOU can win Best Forum Award if you have your own and stay active.

Thank you Bogdan for such a great community!



Thanks Sara

that is very helpful to me personnally.

So much has changed here at ALP Community over the years!

This is still a very active community and you need to realize it
is summertime! There's bound to be a lull in activity during vacation
time with kids being home from school and families busy going places
and getting outside!

Thanks Sara for all you do for Adlandpro here and elsewhere!

Have a great Today!

Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: Keeping Forums Active Here at Adlandpro Community!
7/19/2010 7:09:15 PM


Thank you for posting this post from Sara.

This is a great network and worth the fight. So many are missing out on what is good here.

The information in Sara's piece is very useful and easy to follow.

You may have seen my posting which I recently spread around the forums. New (and some former) members need help in getting around here.

I am determined that this will become even more easy and rewarding.

Keep up the great work. We need to get some of these new people involved.


RE: Keeping Forums Active Here at Adlandpro Community!
7/19/2010 9:49:31 PM

Thank you Beth, I need all the help I can get!! Maybe now even more people will read this. I did leave out another forum, the Just Perfect one. I told John I must make up for that, so I will in next letter. There are lots of good forums here and I have now saved yours as favorite so I can get to it better. I'll bet it will show up in a letter also. :-)

Have a great evening!


Myrna Ferguson

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RE: Keeping Forums Active Here at Adlandpro Community!
7/20/2010 2:14:27 AM
Hi Beth,

It is always good to see you. Thought I would post a reply to keep this going. Sara does a lot for ALP, so thanks for your thoughtfulness.



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