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Reasons to own your very own Ad Exchange
7/14/2010 12:44:42 AM
Reasons to own your very own Ad Exchange
What is a Text Ad Exchange?
An ad exchange is a credit-based membership site that facilitates the buying and selling of online advertising. Formerly, an ad exchange was in a class by itself with features where members could post ads in HTML and text, scratch cards for credits, and click on banners for credits. It is excellent for marketers who like less mail. You only need one email address and your mailbox is not flooded with unwanted ads. Some ad exchanges allow you to email an ad to your Inbox.
Ad exchanges moved to another level of advertising to include text ads (commonly called text ad exchanges), traffic links (textads), downline builders, hotlinks, navigation and login links
Depending on the website owner.

Members earn credits for reading other members' Ads and this is one way of getting ads read.
An ad exchange is similar to a safelist because it allows you to post in a large number of characters (some up to 1500.)
Reasons for owning your very own Text Ad Exchange
  • Fun and Exciting! - Receive sign ups each day. I will personally show you how. I own 10 myself and I usually get between five to six sign ups each day.
  • Start your very own mailing list - Each person that signs up is opt in. This means you can send them advertising
  • Affordable - All of my Ad exchanges are only $5.00 to rent two for $8.00 No set up fees! Don't like what you see on my site. Then I can make you your own personal one for $35.00! Just let me know what theme you like! Ones on my site are for sale also for $35.00 and transfer to host is free. No host then I can set you up for only $2.99 a month. Reseller $8.99 a month.
  • Earn extra cash - All money from site is your's to keep. You set the prices and people purchase advertising from you
  • Easy - All you have to do is approve ad's and send out customer's solo ads with a click of a button
  • What do you get for your Monthly $5.00?
    Full support. I will personally give you a site where you can advertise your Text Ad Exchange. This site has hundreds of exchanges guaranteed to get you sign ups! I will help you get your feet on the road to making cash!
    Your Text Ad Exchange- All you have to do is change all information. Including your paypal and password.
    Stop in today and start making money!
    Michelle Sawyer Owner Global Hit Pro

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