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MLM Frustration Causes Success
6/11/2010 6:22:36 AM

A big reason for the effectiveness of “Success In 10 Steps” is THAT word. The ebook answers the questions of frustrated network marketers – who REALLY want their questions answered.

And they don’t want their questions answered to give up or to put the blame on somebody, but in order to make it finally. That’s why they’re laser-targeted highly motivated prospects.

It’s eating away at them, why they just haven’t made it big. They are so darned – frustrated! I recommend you use that word in your advertising for “Success In 10 Steps.” Use it when you talk to your leads. Pound, pound, pound on “frustrated.” That word is worth its weight in gold.

Things change over time. It may not always be this way. But it definitely is true now. MLMers are frustrated, and they want answers now. Rightfully so. Use that knowledge when you advertise to them and when you talk with them.

To build your own big income in MLM, the people you sponsor will need a constant stream of hot prospects. I can help you do that for them, and for yourself. We know from experience that 40 % of those who take the time to download the e Book and read it, are actively looking for a new company to join.

And the other 60 % ? You never know what happens 3 months, 6 months, 1 or 2 years down the road. The marketers of iLearningGlobal found themselves within the first 40 % overnight. What if you used this experience to your advantage ? For details, simply download the e Book “Success in 10 steps” and take the time to read it. Then we’re going to talk about how you may want to use it and our experience to build your business. Does that make sense ?

If you’re hesitating to download the e Book, I just want to remind you of Jeff Olson’s Slight Edge: It’s easy to do and it’s easy not to do.

The difference between success and failure in your life is based on simple, small, oftentimes invisible decisions that are repeated on a daily basis, good decisions or bad ones that compound over time and make the whole difference whether you’re successful or a failure.

“Oh, I can smoke that cigarette. It won’t kill me.” That’s not correct. It won’t kill you today.

But this little error in judgement repeated over and over again kills you at the end of the day.

The same holds true with your business:” It won’t kill me (financially) if I don’t download the e Book.” That’s not correct. It won’t kill you today. But if you repeat these simple errors in judgement on a daily basis, you may wind up dead broke in the long run. Life can be very easy once you understand the Slight Edge and use it to your advantage. The decision is up to you.

Do yourself a favour and download it now.

What did you think? I always love your feedback, so please leave me a comment with questions, thoughts, or feedback.!!

To a prosperous life,

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