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Video: Blog Secrets You will Want to Know (You'll be surprised)
6/9/2010 1:49:15 PM
Hello friends,

As you know Blogging is getting bigger and bigger and MUCH more important in the world of internet marketing!

Have you heard of a guy named Ty Tribble?

His name sounded a little familiar to me at first, but I really wasn't quite sure who he was until I happened to watch this really cool video of him at some live presentation he was doing (which I think people that attended paid like $1,000 or something for).

I then learned that this Ty guy is actually THE top blogger in the network marketing industry, and has one of the most popular and highly respected blogs in the WORLD inside the "mlm" industry!

What's really cool about Ty is that he is one of the few out there who has truly mastered the skill set of being able to build a network marketing business (and downline) primarily through his online blog.

I mean, he is able to generate highly targeted leads, upfront sales and income, new recruits, affiliate commissions, and a massive following of interested individuals from all over the world...

Just from his blog alone! See it here on this special page:

Anyway, the reason I'm telling YOU all this is because I know you are looking for ways to gain a good online presence where you can truly be able to build your business through some effective online marketing concepts:

And everybody is trying to accomplish this, but Ty is one of the only people I've actually seen pull it off successfully - getting results that most others aren't getting.

I even learned a quick way to be able to get solid content for my blog without having to come up with it all by myself, AND how to leverage off of other people's content to get people to YOUR blog.

In fact, in this video of his - he gives some killer insights for how you can tweak stuff and implement certain concepts that will allow you to gain a BIG competitive edge, while getting immediate results from your marketing!

I know he normally charges people for one of these in-depth sessions ...

But for THIS, you can actually get the video of it for FREE right now from this special page:

I know more and more people are getting "blogs," but this guy actually knows how to make a blog WORK and produce RESULTS - without all the typical hassle, or having to be a "blog expert".

Having a blog that you own, is having something no one can take away from you. It's not like most social media formats like YouTube channels or Twitter - that can be taken away from you on a whim because Google changes their policies, or some person out there "flags" your video or article for some unknown reason...

Having your own blog gives you CONTROL of your marketing - and that is a HUGE deal!

So, take advantage of this very powerful and insightful "freebie" video while it's still there:

Oh, and make sure you have a pen handy, you may want to take some notes like I did!

Many blessings for your prosperity and well being.

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