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Trina Sonnenberg

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Interview with the Author
5/10/2010 9:58:06 PM
What is Forever and Always... about?

Originally intended to be marketed as fiction, it is my life story, or at least the most important parts of it.

Why did you decide to sell it as a memoir rather than fiction?

I feel that the message it contains would be better served if readers knew it is a true story, not something plucked from my imagination.

What prompted you to write this book?

Years ago, a friend of mine told me that my life would make a great screen play. After a great deal of thought, I decided to write a book instead.

Why should people read it?

I have an important message to share with female readers in particular. Mine is a message of empowerment. I have experienced an enormous amount of tragedy in my life, but I've come out on top, by refusing to be beaten and believing in my heart of hearts that life was meant to be better than it was.

What makes your story different from all of the others like yours?

I am an ordinary person. I am not a movie star or other public figure, who, quite frankly seem untouchable by ordinary people like myself. Every famous person has a story to tell, I'm sure, but an eventful lifetime adventure about an ordinary teenage girl as she becomes a woman of adventure, is easier for the average person to relate to.

My story is a testament to both true love and the Law of Attraction in action in my average, everyday life. I want others to know that they can direct their lives and transform them into exactly what they want them to be, and how to do that. All it takes is focused attention and undying belief. We all have the power with in ourselves to change the circumstances in which we live. No one has to be a victim of, or in their lives. All change comes from with in. If you want it bad enough, you will move toward manifesting it in your life. You can draw your heart's desire to you. My story proves that.

When was your book published and how can someone get a copy of it?

Forever and Always... A True Love Story, was published on April 19, 2010 in association with Lulu Press. Copies can be purchased either as an instant download, or in print by following this link: Forever and Always

Will your book be in bookstores, online or off?

Yes, very soon it will be available from most major retailers. But, you don't have to wait if you check out the link I gave you.
Trina L.C. Sonnenberg Freelance Commercial Writer TLC Promotions & The Trii-Zine Ezine ISSN 1555-2276
Linda Harvey

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RE: Interview with the Author
5/10/2010 10:21:54 PM
How Awesome ! Warm Wishes for much Success in your writing ventures !
Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: Interview with the Author
5/11/2010 7:36:47 AM


Wonderful to see you and your writing. I will check it out.

I will send you a PM as I have something to request.


Michael Caron

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RE: Interview with the Author
6/3/2010 12:42:03 AM
Hi Trina,
I was directed here by our good friend Roger McDivvit. (I'm sure he doesn't have stock in British Petroleum). First, I would like to say that I admire your determination. I have written three partial books (Fiction) but never completed one. I will be taking a look at your information and as soon as our finances get better, I will honestly consider ordering a copy.
I'm not sure if the government is paying people for suggestions on how to stop the leak, but I do have some suggestions as to what they can stuff it with.
Michael J. Caron (Mike) TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!! Friends First. Business Later.
RE: Interview with the Author
6/3/2010 1:11:10 AM

Our friend Roger sent me here. I am very happy for you and hope that you do very well with your books.



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