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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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9/14/2018 6:28:21 PM

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Sept. 14, 2018

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, September 14, 2018

Dear Friends, time flies by once again I am preparing to go on my annual trip to see my two sons who both live in Devon, Kent. So please note I shall be away from Friday the 14th September and taking a break until my next message that will go out on the 5th October. A few weeks in politics can see many changes so who knows what may happen in the meantime. The fact that the Light is now more powerful than the dark Ones, who have had their power curtailed should lead to a quicker end to their ability to interfere with the progress of Humanity towards the time of Ascension. We are not normally given much information as to the progress that is being made, but earlier signs suggest matters are developing in a positive way.

Various updates particularly those from David Wilcock are able to bring us the latest developments, and I recommend his video “On Ascension”. Personally I do not feel anyone can yet pin down the year that Ascension will take place, but in general terms it seems that it could be as early as the late 2020’s to the early 2030’s. If correct, that is encouraging as in reality it is so near to happening. I know Lightworkers will keep spreading the Light, and collectively they do have a big influence on what is taking place. So well done everyone, it has been a long arduous path to follow, but the prize at the end of the rainbow is well worth waiting for a little longer.

!4th. September 2018. Mike Quinsey.

Progress may seem slow but in reality so much is taking place. You are looking at worldwide events that are slowly but surely pushing the dark Ones back, and preventing them from being able to prevent good progress being made. What only few of you will know is that the Lightworkers operate at a high level, where they have the influence and power to set moves in position that will further advance matters to the benefit of the Light. There has always been a plan to oust the dark Ones who had reached a stage where they were lulled into false confidence into believing that they were close to taking over control of the Earth and its people. The plan has always been to see that once Humanity passed the marker, those souls who were ready would in any circumstances successfully reach Ascension.

If you could see the many souls overseeing your activities, ensuring your success and protecting you from the negative forces you would have no doubts whatsoever where Ascension was concerned. It is a very special time in your history as although few have recollections if any of previous lives, you have spent many thousands of years trying to lift the vibrations sufficiently so that you could pass the marker, and continue moving towards Ascension. Can you imagine the joy that rippled through this Universe, as you have yet to realise what a magnificent achievement your progress has been. It matters not that you have been helped along the way and that has largely been to ensure you were not interfered with, although for karmic reasons you have had to face many challenges on the way. Your friends from outer Space are drawing nearer and nearer to you and as you have already informed, are eagerly waiting to greet you on the Earth and welcome you to the higher dimensions.

Where in the past the dark Ones have infiltrated many aspects of industry and financial companies, they have in many instances been replaced with those who are of the Light and slowly but surely the balance is changing in their favour. It obviously takes time to undo what has been built up over a very long period of time, but success is taking place and it will continue until they are back and completely in charge. You will probably know that nothing of importance happens by chance, as all happenings are planned to help those involved to experience according to their needs. It may seem an impossible task to get the appropriate people together for such occasions and indeed it takes quite some planning. You are “persuaded” by your Guides to take certain actions that bring together those needed to play out the karma involved. Believe it or not, we can assert such control over you that you will do our bidding, but that is only in special circumstances.

Now that Lightworkers have been given a clean sheet where karma is concerned providing as you would say “keep your nose clean” – there is no reason why you should not continue to keep it that way. Certainly anyone who has lifted up their awareness, and is doing their best to live a positive life and avoiding being drawn into situations that are of the lower vibrations, will experience a trouble free life. You will still be tested but because of your understanding and awareness, you are very unlikely to drop your guard. Perhaps one of the more difficult challenges is to keep your cool when confronted by situations where you may lose it. Keeping calm at all times takes practise but you can do it, and will find that your confidence and demeanour will carry you through.

You are a great soul masquerading as a human Being, and you have limited consciousness mainly due to the low vibrational level you reside in. However, as the vibrations lift up higher and higher you will find that you have an increased level of consciousness, and gradually you begin to recall more about your true self. The changes are preparing you for Ascension when you will begin to know your true self. You are already a multi-dimensional Being as your Higher Self resides on the other side of the veil. Hitherto you have been unaware of your true potential but the time will soon come to merge with your Higher Self. You are a God in the making and that is your destiny, but for the meantime you will be bound by the happenings on Earth. Through it all you will undoubtedly evolve very quickly and as you do will get immense help all along the way.

By now those of you who have lifted your vibrations up will find that you can be in ones that are unsettling, yet can overcome them through your sheer power of concentration and control. Eventually it will be second nature to you and in any event the negative energies will weaken and have less affect upon you. You may find that as you progress that people like to be around you as they may not realise why, but they are comfortable and reassured by your gentle and loving vibrations. It would not take a lot of imagination to realise that your auric emanations are such that people can enjoy your presence, and feel the calmness and love that you project. Not just people but even animals can sense the upliftment from the energy that you give out. At some stage it will even have a healing quality and certainly make people feel good by being around you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey

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"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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9/14/2018 6:30:55 PM

GFP Newsletter - 9/13/2018

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The false is very articulate in promising, but absolutely incapable of giving anything.

Between two real persons there is no need of any promise. The real persons are overflowing with joy, overflowing with blissfulness. Before you ask, you receive; before you knock, the doors are opened; before you seek, you have already found it.

That is the quality of the real. The search here in this mystery school is how to get rid of the false, which is not yours, and to find out that which you have brought with yourself from the womb of existence itself. Your mother's womb was only representative of the existential womb.

The discovery of oneself in its total reality is so ecstatic and so eternal that you cannot conceive there can be more blissfulness, more benediction. The desire for more disappears, because you cannot even conceive that more is possible. The false goes on asking for more. Neither it gives anything, nor does it receive anything; it is a beggar. The real is an emperor.


"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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9/14/2018 9:02:26 PM

Life is truly far more wonderful than you, as humans, can possibly imagine.

Galactic Free Press's picture

Humanity’s spiritual evolution is now progressing very rapidly, as it most certainly needs to do. There is an enormous amount of evidence available on-line confirming this. Be of good cheer, your awakening is imminent!

Yes, there is much chaos and confusion across the world, as “stuff” that needs to be addressed arises into everyone’s awareness, and this can be quite alarming, especially for those – and there are many of them – who have, until now, been solely concerned with their daily lives as humans. This presents as the daily grind of going to work, struggling to survive, and paying the bills that are the price of a basic human survival state for most people incarnate at this moment. Consequently that “stuff arising” seems to vastly increase the burdens which people are already finding almost too heavy to bear.

This is a temporary situation, and it will ease. So make sure to go within daily, or even more frequently if you can, and rest there in the divine field of Love to which you are all essentially and inseparably connected – One with Source – and open yourselves, open your hearts, with the intent to feel the Source of Love with which you are indeed One.

Life is truly far more wonderful than you, as humans, can possibly imagine. You were created in Love from Love to experience eternal Joy. Joy is not a static state, a state of inactivity, but a state through which creation flows endlessly, manifesting astonishing innovations to please and delight the One, the All, all Consciousness. Some have had glimpses through near death experiences, but when you awaken, as you all will, those glimpses, which the NDErs have spoken of, will become your constant state, forever thrilling and delighting you.

Truly this, as you have been told before, is a time for CELEBRATION!

As you read, watch, or listen to the news, it does appear that disasters and catastrophes are arising all over the planet, and indeed much is arising to be collectively released. This enormous collective releasing is an absolutely essential part of your awakening process, and those of you who are reading messages of this nature or following alternate and uplifting news channels do understand this. However, many of you still feel very alone in your awareness, seemingly without friends or contacts with whom you can discuss these happenings, and this does make it difficult for you to deal with your own “stuff,” let alone believe that you are actually helping the whole human collective in its massive awakening process.

Therefore I am here now to confirm you in your knowing that you are, each and everyone of you, doing a wonderful job. Without even one of you this enormous event could not be happening. And that is undoubtedly extremely hard for you to believe. But, as you are being so frequently reminded : You are all divine beings of infinite power!

A major part or aspect of being human is your amnesiac state. You all know this, and yet you have difficulty much of the time in believing this. I want to assure you that it is true, that you have, as humans, forgotten who you really are, and I want to reassure you and reassure you and reassure you that, YES, you truly are, always have been, and always will be, Divine Beings, permanently One with and in the Presence of Source, the creative field of Love in which all existence is lovingly, safely, and enthusiastically embraced without interruption or disengagement of any kind, ever.

At the deep center of yourselves you know this, and that is how you have the strength to persist and continue on your varied and demanding human life paths. Whenever it seems to you that your strength or intent appears to be weakening or failing – and I assure you that there is NEVER even the remotest possibility of this – go within, to that holy inner sanctuary where you can experience the safety, the acceptance, and the love, in which you are held at every moment.

A meditation practice of some kind is most helpful, although it is not essential. It assists you to quieten the ego mind that is constantly demanding your undivided attention to deal with issues and problems, mostly of a very minor nature, immediately. That is what your egos believe are their reason for existence, and when you choose not to give them your full attention they become very vociferous. By engaging with a regular meditation or relaxation practice you learn to quieten or slow down that constant flow of thoughts, enabling you to sit at peace, without any sense of urgency or need to be doing something else, even for a few minutes, or longer if you choose, and this is very healing for you.

You are all dearly loved in every moment, and here in the spiritual realms we continue to be amazed at your strength and determination to follow the paths you so carefully planned before incarnating. Those paths were personally planned by each individual, with clear insight and foreknowledge, in order to be in a position to successfully complete your preordained tasks perfectly. And that is precisely what you are doing. Your self-doubts are utterly invalid, soknow that where you are, whatever relationships you are experiencing, and every event and situation that unfolds in your life is meant to be occurring for the lessons you have personally chosen to learn, and in order that you can assist in the collective awakening of humanity at this critical juncture in its spiritual evolution.

You are all highly honored souls doing a marvelous job at precisely the right moment. Because of your sterling efforts the awakening process is proceeding precisely as divinely planned.

With hearty congratulations, and limitless love, Saul.


John Smallman

"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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9/14/2018 9:42:11 PM

Call Your Good Fortune to You

Galactic Free Press's picture

God said:

Beloved, what your life too often comes down to is that you speak more often of a confluence of strife than you speak of a confluence of love and gratefulness. Why is this? Why would you give less of yourself to love? Does this give you some sense of perverse satisfaction as if you have covered all the bases?

Likely, it tends to give you sense of dissatisfaction, and you feel wronged, and you are inconsolably put out by how you feel. Better not to feel by having been wronged. This may be evidence of a state of affairs you have long felt – perhaps your whole life.

This was never right, and never can it be righted. Your perception may be accurate, yet it is never right for you to feel wronged. It turns your heart smack towards the dial of resentment.

Absolutely, it is incorrect for you to ever feel virtuous by a long shot to feel wronged. It is wrongful of you to feel wronged. It is not beneficial for you to have been short-changed. Then you are the one unfair to yourself. No matter however long you have been feeling wronged, it is an injustice to you. This is most certainly not what I signed you up for.

Let go of this omission. Probably you are up to your neck in trying to be compensated. When this is the case, it’s hard to let go. Grudges are not easy to be finished with. They tend to keep piling up. You keep looking for them everywhere. You may not make them happen, yet you play a part in storing them up.

When you look for your car to break down, you likely aren’t surprised when you run out of gas. Of course, it’s a better idea to expect your tank to be full. And why not anticipate goodness and mercy? The rich expect wealth, yes? The healthy expect a good check-up, don’t they? The sorrowful expect to weep, more or less. A lot of the appearance of your life depends on what you expect. You may figure it is natural to feel discounted. Better to be startled. The truth is that all goodness is your true due. Anticipate good for yourself.

When you expect to get to school on time, odds are you will. There is more involved than good timing. All is in your favor for you to expect good to come your way. Don’t lock your doors ahead of time and you may guarantee that you will feel left high and dry.

Please don’t always say you trip over your skirt on the top step or bottom step. There is only perhaps habit that says you must look for what you don’t want on your doorstep. Don’t desire headache or ungraciousness. Better to anticipate something you would like. One way or another, you contribute to your reality.

Holy Moly, call your good fortune to you while you are at it! Be loyal to your own good will.

Certainly, don’t while away your good fortune. Don’t set traps for yourself.

Certainly, don’t store up an arsenal of weapons. Store up beautiful baskets of treasures one after another. Locate yourself in a whirlwind of good treasures desired.

By all means, get into the position of expecting the best. In this case, your odds will well be better. Why not increase your best chances? Bet on yourself at least somewhat. Stick with Me, Beloved.

Is it correct to say that you may mount up despair rather than letting go of it? Does it mean so much to you that you must keep heartache close to your heart, Beloved?

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"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

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Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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9/15/2018 12:38:46 AM

A Message to Lightworkers – September 14, 2018

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective comes from their book, Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth.

From Chapter 10:On Understanding the Timing of Manifestations

[QUESTION] When it comes to manifesting money, how do we make sense of the divine timing of a manifestation, versus the time it takes for us to go through the process of clearing money blocks, unconscious beliefs, and soul contracts?

We can know and understand and practice the laws of manifesting and attracting prosperity, but how do we better understand the “timing” of material manifestations?

This is an excellent question.

For many create powerful inroads to their abundance, through declarations, visualizations, energy shifts, revision of their life blueprint, and so on—only to find that, though increased abundance begins to show up outwardly in joyful and often unexpected ways, the timing of when these manifestations appear seems entirely out of their control.

And it is so, that there are numerous elements that go into the manifestation of what you dream of—that which you know in your heart of hearts is your Divine Abundance to have and enjoy.

And we would say, that it is always best to allow the Universe its turns and movements, in the mechanistic sense of Universal laws and astrological occurrences, as well as to allow it its mysterious timing, which like the wind or the currents of the water, is both instinctual and intentional.

The timing of when an object or person or situation comes to you is one of the more challenging aspects of manifesting.

For you wish to introduce this new person or item into your life at a particular time—often “as soon as possible,” and it is difficult to understand why, when the Universe is able to produce so much of what feels to be miraculous, it takes its time in creating those things that you have backed with great intention, focus, and clarity.

We will say first, that there are certain parts of the manifesting process that are able to bring what you desire to you more quickly (though we cannot say how quickly), and you are fully capable of bringing these elements into your intentional manifestations.

At the top of that list are joy and thankfulness, backed by pure and powerful expectation—a complete inner knowing that this thing is coming into your life now, beautifully, in ways that are perfect for you.

This needs to be the exact kind of joy that you feel when the thing itself has just arrived upon your doorstep, whether it is a new job, new home, new relationship, physical healing, weight reduction, or something bigger, such as as the full enactment of NESARA law.

That joy is a complete affirmation that what you have commanded forth not only exists, but is here with you, now.

Photo by Michelle Kidd

This can come either before or after you have created strong concentration and clarity of intent—once you have, with joy, confidence, and thanks in your heart, proclaimed your declarations, written your affirmations, and pictured inwardly through visualizations, or outwardly through vision boards.

And given, in inner or outer form, whatever your support team expresses that you need to give—and cleared a space for this thing or situation to come to you, both in your physical space and with your ongoing expectations.

Perhaps, some days, that moment will occur simply because you realize in your high heart, that this beautiful new reality is already unfolding on your path, and so you instinctively and joyfully declare that it already exists, here and now.

However it happens, that moment of joy and thanks is one of, if not the most important part of the process.

Because dear friends, the Universe reflects back to you whatever you emphatically or repeatedly state to be true.

It doesn’t wait till the outer world delivers “solid proof.”

It reflects back to you outwardly the vision and belief—the emotion or vibration—you carry inwardly.

And in that moment, you have vibrationally entered the reality in which you already have whatever it is that you have dreamt of having or experiencing.

That is when the thing must come to you—by Universal Law, it must appear, one way or another.

It is that note of finality, that perfect match between what you dream of and your sustained vibration (or very powerful momentary vibration), that the Universe will wait for, before the thing you have called forth can appear.

It is not that the Universe or your higher self are withholding from you what you desire.

It is that they wish you to become conscious of that which most people are utterly unconscious of—that life doesn’t “happen” to them.

They are what happens to Life.

You are, all of you, powerful co-Creators with this Universe, and you are determining the structure, content, intention, and meaning of Life on your planet and in your part of the solar system, every moment of your lives.

You cannot help but transmit the vibration of Creation from your every cell.

You are a very great broadcasting tower, sending out creational vibrations at every moment, and therefore, bringing forth new creations every day, every hour.

So that you may say certain affirmations, but if you do not work with them in a way that helps your subconscious—that unspoken part of you that determines much of your ongoing frequency—to agree with the affirmation, then your heart will also be missing from the equation.

And without the power of your certainty and celebration of what you are creating, without calling upon your team of Divine helpers and other higher guides to pour their energies into what you are creating—then yes, it can take far longer, in terms of how you experience time, for you to come to the place where you have what you desire.

For many, that moment comes when they release the “need” to have something.

It comes after they have set their own preferences down, having called out to and commanded forth their creation—all good, and all important for conscious manifesting.

Then, they let go.

For in that moment, when you no longer “need” to have something, you “close the case” on the issue.

You are declaring that you have done your part, and now the Universe must do its part—or else inform you what else needs to be done.

You will know in your heart of hearts at some point, if what you desire has not yet arrived, that there is a blockage in your energy that must be released or dissolved before it can come to you.

Photo by Michelle Kidd

This can be due to your not having released someone or something in your life which you need to release. Or due to your not having forgiven something or someone you need to forgive.

For these dense energies tend to block new creations by holding your energies in the past, not the present.

It is difficult to take on a new life or a new form in your life, when your energies are facing the past.

These old, dense energies also block the experience of joy and thankfulness.

This is why we suggest to those who have been working on creating something new, and are at odds with it, wondering why the money or situation or person has not yet appeared: Sit down and write a list of every person and situation you need to forgive.

Then go through the list, and say aloud to each person or circumstance:

“I forgive you. You were moving through a place and a time of life where you did not know you were hurting me, or did not know or care that your own pain or ignorance was causing pain for others. I forgive you. I release you. Go to your higher good. I release you completely, and I open to receive my higher good now!”

You may feel that some actions or situations are not forgivable. At the very least, you must still release them, for the sake of your own growth and quality of life.

A regular practice of forgiveness and/or release, done once a week, or even once a month, can create miracles in one’s life.

Many have found that old physical problems, including extra weight, old grudges and sadness, old places of anger or feelings of loss and betrayal, have dissipated and then disappeared altogether, with regular use of the forgiveness tool.

It is powerful, and it does not show weakness—quite the opposite.

Forgiving, or at least releasing the one who has harmed you, takes great courage, and a great willingness to become a new person.

That person is one who is powerful enough to release every person, thing, and experience they need to release, to make room for the new and beautiful reality that they know is a natural part of their life path, waiting to be born into this new open space where the grudges used to be.

Do you see a parallel here? A parallel between where Lightworkers are now in their personal lives, and the creation of the new fifth dimensional Earth? Specifically, when it will be created?

Many are asking, “How soon?” regarding the full enactment of NESARA law, full disclosure of the Galactic presence, and the beauty, peace, and prosperity of life on a fifth dimensional planet.

They ask, “How much longer do we have to wait?” in impatient tones, as if these were things coming to them, instead of from them.

For these are situations that your own consciousness and vibration are actively creating.

Photo by Michelle Kidd

And so we would say, rather than feeling that you are stuck in the old, slow, third dimensional paradigm of not creating things as quickly as you would like, pretend that you are already living a fifth dimensional life.

Each day, see your Lightbody in your mind’s eye, and actually step into that body, so that you see yourself as a fifth dimensional being, living on a fifth dimensional planet.

And the rules of this planet are far different from the “reality” you were taught while you were still in the third dimension.

Universal Law is now no longer such a mystery.

In your current incarnation, you are in the process of remembering Who you are, and what you are fully capable of.

And so you feel to be “new” at co-Creational activity.

Some manifestations aren’t quite what you were wanting to create, because perhaps you forgot to include certain details or certain traits that you wanted this thing or situation to have.

You may have omitted to specify that you wanted this new income to be an independent one, and a permanent and reliable one. Or that the amount you were asking for was only the floor amount.

Remember always to add, “This or something better!” at the end of each command. And specify that things manifest in ways that are for the higher good of you and all involved.

And yet, you are learning each day, as the young Jedi learns the ways of the Force (which you know as Source energy), how to use your beliefs and expectations, your concentration and clear intention, to bring forth that which will serve your and others’ higher good in perfect ways, appearing in perfect timing.

You are increasingly experiencing the empowerment of realizing you are a fifth dimensional being who is already creating a fifth dimensional world.

You are therefore increasingly able to go out into the world—and to use meditation, concentrated visualization, and working with energy—with a co-Creational confidence that few in the third dimension could have ever dreamt of outside of science fiction.

You will be moving and acting as your higher self, as that empowered being you came here to be.

And so we would say, don’t pour fine wine into cheap wine bottles.

Shift your expectation from that of one who is waiting and impatient or beginning to lose hope, to that of one who respects the astrological movements, vibrational shifts, and mass consciousness that affects everything upon the planet.

Respect the movement and manifestation of energy as it flows through you, including becoming aware of those inner energy blocks and obstacles that are your job to dissolve now, for all time.

Respect the fact that you wrote a contract—a blueprint or design for this life, before coming to this Earth.

As we have noted, you may have specified that you were to go without certain forms of abundance at different times in your life.

And understand that you must become aware of what you wrote, and work with your support team to revise that contract, if you wish to experience life differently now.

Respect your own authority, your own power to create.

Admit that you have been creating since the first day you appeared in your current Earth life, and that there are no accidents.

Know that you must now learn how the Light Bringer, the Way-Shower creates, so that your entire race of beings can learn to create—actively, with clear intent and thankfulness, and respect for Universal Law and adherence to its requirements—not accidentally, unconsciously, and by default.

And then dear one, you will no longer worry that manifestations have not appeared as quickly as you would like. You will be relaxed in your assurance of your manifesting abilities, affirming that all shows up in perfect time and way.

You will be growing stronger and wiser each day—a Light Warrior needs both of these attributes—and knowing more and more each day, “I Am creating what is for my and others’ higher good. Nothing stands between me and Divine Manifestation.

“I Am learning the ways of Source, the ways of the fifth dimension. All is well!”

And so it is.

Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

Excerpted from the book Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth by Caroline Oceana Ryan [channeler]

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.
Thank you.

"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

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