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Regarding the Red Meteor
4/8/2010 5:02:42 AM

The Red Meteor Version 0.4 475th Contact Wednesday, 26th of November, 2008 2:16 pm (Excerpt from page 3486 of the original notes)

Billy: Regarding the Red Meteor that endangers Earth on the 13th of April, 2029 and of which we have already spoken on the 16th of September, I have been asked about certain things and, therefore, would like to know how big that bloke is.

To my knowledge the terrestrial astronomers have already detected it for quite some time and are calling it Aprophis or something. It shall either hit Earth in the year 2029, or only whizzing by very closely. Should it be the latter case, it (the

meteor) would reappear in the year 2036 and its close approach to Earth could really lead to a catastrophe if the scientists undertake nothing against it.

Ptaah: Its size is about 350 metres. What you are saying regarding the great danger that the Red Meteor represents to Earth: the scientists know about it. And if there will be no special

influence by the outer SOL “trabants” (note by the translator: objects circling around and at great distance from our sun), a catastrophe really threatens the Earth.

In order to avoid it the terrestrial scientists are also urged to undertake every conceivable possibility to ultimately push the meteor from its orbit.

Billy: To my knowledge various models exist for this purpose, but the scientists cannot come to a mutual agreement on this. You are saying that the fellow shall be pushed from its orbit, and I

gather from it that blowing it up is out of question. Therefore, only a reaction principle could be applied, like e.g. an extremely strong nuclear reaction unit, sun sail principles, or atomic explosions near the meteor.

Ptaah: Whereby atomic explosions near the meteor should be considered, because they are very efficient and produce a strong drift(ing) effect. However, the explosions may not occur too

close to the meteor in order to avoid breaking it up, from which an even greater danger would result. Such a project must be executed early and not at that time when the real danger is

starting to threaten, because otherwise it would be too late for a success. Therefore working towards it must be started today.

Billy: And what about big reaction units and sun sail principles?

Ptaah: Those are also possibilities, but they are much more difficult to carry out, and the necessary effectiveness is questionable; besides, with regard to their efficiency they are not to be recommended

because meteors are unstable with regard to a regular self-position which makes the application of any effective reaction units and sun sails etc. nearly impossible.

Billy: Those things have to be profoundly thought about by the scientists.

Ptaah: That’s really so, but time presses. Knowledge


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