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Michael T. Glaspie Speaks about his World Pre-Launch in May 2010 !
4/3/2010 7:26:42 AM


Click to Hear Michael Glaspie Speak to you his self!!

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“I'm About To Announce To The World A Blockbuster Network Marketing Opportunity Unlike Any Ever Launched...

And This is Your Chance, Right Now, Right Here, To Get Positioned Absolutely Free”

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Have you ever thought about all of those opportunities that you just missed out on? You know, you were a day late and a dollar short?

Have you ever imagined how wealthy you would be now had you known Bill Gates back in his college days and you kicked him a few bucks to help him develop his "idea". Or... if you had known Warren Buffet back when he started his investment fund. Did you know people who put in just $1000 dollars when he began and held on are now worth countless millions?

Or, how about some of those explosive network marketing companies, you know... Amway started by Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel in 1959. Amway has, to date, made more bona fide millionaires in the network marketing industry than any other company ever has in history... perhaps that's about to all change.

Right here, right now, today, at this moment in history, everything could change for you.

I am soon going to launch the most explosive, free business opportunity the world has ever seen.
It's based upon an exciting new technology, and, my product is not only trademarked, it is patent pending. We will have it exclusively in the marketplace but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We will make this product available globally, and we need to make it available to everyone everywhere, and do you know why?...
Because everyone is going to want it. It's the widest mass appeal product you can imagine. Sorry, I'm not going to tip my hat and tell you what this product is and what it does. You'll have a chance later to get a sample of it absolutely free... but for now, hear me out.
Part of our marketing plan, a plan which is also totally unique in the world, is this:

You can actually give away free samples of this product, giving your customer a chance to try it before they buy it. This is huge!

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Every person everywhere that you give this product to automatically qualifies to be part of the compensation plan with no additional expense.
Are you excited yet? Hang on...
This is not going to be one of those outrageously expensive business opportunities where you get to select bronze, silver, gold, yadda, yadda, and you have to pay a lot of money for each position. Nonsense! Those plans have their place, but not here, not with this product. My goal with this product is to get it into every living person's hands to totally enhance their life for them. And I'm going to do that not only by letting them have a free sample of it, but I'm going to do it by letting everyone and anyone join the business opportunity at no cost.
And get this...
We even have a retail division, with major retailers already lined up. When an offline customer purchases the product, they will also be able to reorder online. And when they do, they'll go into the matrix somewhere above you, or below you... it's all good for you...
But there is more...
We have several CPA networks lined up to sell this incredible product. And when their customers purchase, they too will go into the matrix somewhere above you or below you. This is good for you also because all corporate marketing efforts fill the matrix from top to bottom, left to right... just get in!
3 x 7 Forced Matrix
Have you ever heard of the concept of a forced matrix? Well, we have a doozy for you. It's a 3 x 7 and here's what this means for you. On your first level you will have three people; on your second, nine; on your third, twenty-seven; and so on, seven full levels deep. Should anyone ever drop out, because it's a "forced matrix," their vacant position will be filled by the next person joining.
And it doesn't matter, get this, if the next person joining comes in as a result of the marketing efforts of anyone above you (you will have up to seven people above you at all times, remember it's a seven-level deep program), or if that position is filled by someone below you and that's anywhere below through all of your 7 levels.
I love this concept. I designed this concept.
I designed this concept so it matters not if you ever sell one single product or not, you will get paid on the efforts of those people above you who are putting people in below you, and you will get paid on the efforts of the people below you who are bringing in other people below you to help fill out your matrix - Kowabunga!
There are no qualifications to meet to get paid. None.
But there's more. It's about creative thinking and knowing what it takes to build a business large and treat those people who help you build that business more than fairly. Here's what we're also going to do: When a customer purchases the product and automatically qualifies to join the business opportunity, we will pay you the full commission earned on that sale. It will be 50%! You see, I realize that the number one reason that network marketing companies fail to grow like they would like to is they do not treat their affiliate field with generous commissions.
It's outrageous when you think about it... There are companies that will pay 5-10% of the sale for the person who makes that sale! -- You can't even support your cost of marketing with a return like that. With this program you will receive your full 50% commission for the month that the sale occurs and then we have a formula that applies that commission through the matrix beginning with the second month. Very different isn't it? You bet it is! And it's designed to put marketing dollars into the hands of those who want to grow this business big for themselves.
And, I promise you, you'll be able to. A patent pending product, unique to the world, something that everyone, and I mean everyone will want to have. And you can give it away free before they buy.
This is your chance to get pre-registered under the person who invited you. Then, get the word out. If you want to proactively begin building your network so that when this incredible product is brought to the world you'll be able to cash in big time. Just join.
So if you have a few favorite people you want right under you... better hurry, because the people above you are working to fill out their 3x7 of which you and the people you bring in are all part of.
And, we will preserve this entire pre-registration matrix being built from this unique "invitation to join" site and transfer in to the finished site when we are ready to "tell the world" what it's all about.
After you pre-register, you will be given access to your back office where you can watch your group grow and find a marketing letter that you can use to send prospects to this site or directly to the corporate site. You will have 2 different links for this purpose, one for this site and one for the corporate site. Use just one in the letter, but note both tie into your account.
You have nothing to lose by saying, "Yes, count me in for now" but, and I swear to God, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't.

Click Here to Join the Pre-Launch


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