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the source of all valuable things
4/2/2010 6:51:30 AM

Fellow Adlander; To the human, ignorance and misleading religions disguise that which is the source of all valuable things, the life of his life and the light of all intelligence-the spirit and the Creation.

The human shall accept the entire realm of his daily life and his experiences as creative.
He shall see himself everywhere in space, in the times and in all things.

He himself shall be everything and shall evoke all that is creative in everything, and, in this way, shall bring it to recognition and experience.

For, in everything is the Creation, and everything is enlivened through its spirit, through which everything is one in everything.

However the question remains how the human may identify himself with everything when he does not know the spirit's path.
Generally, he identifies himself with his body.

But what will happen when he tries to enter into the truth and aligns himself in his interior with the creative BEING and the spiritual reality?

Involuntarily the entire world dissolves in this real reality, the "spiritual truth".
The one and only principle of what is creative-spiritual. rules everywhere.

But how shall the human identify himself with everything?
The human shall see himself for just what he really is.
Generally he identifies himself with his body.

He cares for it like it were a gem, he nurtures it and takes trouble for it until self-sacrifice.
He surrounds it with pride, junk and a stupid delusion, while he lets his spirit become stunted.

However, a little bit of pain makes him angry, sullen and uncomfortable against other ones, or he even starts complaining and crying, has self-pity and robs himself of his life.
He surrounds his body with some nondescript halo and with vanity, fear, sorrow, pride and problems.

More and more often, everything revolves around his body only.
Often he extends his body identity towards his material possessions, or he gets upset if some fellowman involuntarily touches his things.

Yet, what will a human do about it when he has recognized the spiritual truth?
He will identify himself with all things and all the world's life forms and the universes.

A human full of creative-spiritual wisdom, full of knowledge, truth, love and cognition, knows that from the truth everything originated, originates and will originate for all eternity.
Therefore, he identifies himself with each and everything.

In his spiritual consciousness, he will always be-in his innermost part-one with each and everything.
In his interior, in his spiritual consciousness, he will identify himself with everything in the universe,

in the same manner that the other one, who thinks materialistically, identifies himself with his body, with his money, his possessions, his confused speaking and teaching, and with the sound of his voice.

But when the human identifies himself with everything in the universe, no hate and no greed may dwell within him anymore, because he makes no more selfish differences.
He has just become one with the essence in everything.

Other people may claim something as their exclusive property, but he who thinks spiritually identifies it with the truth within and, therefore, owns everything internally.
All fright/fear has left him, while he identifies himself with the truth.

This truth of Creation and of the spirit, with which he is one, even directs his enemy's hand that will rise against him, in such a way that it falls back to (the enemy) himself.
The spiritual one is protected and sheltered, and the whole nature is well-disposed toward him, and yes, even his enemies have to serve him in the end.
With their attacks, they cause the spiritual within him to unfold to even greater strength and power and to overcome all that is evil, vile and degenerated.
Ultimately, the enemies only contribute to the recognition of the truth and growth of those who think spiritually.

They wish evil, troubles and bad things to those who think spiritually; they are of the opinion that they could destroy them through critique, know-it-all manner, lies and defamation, through complaints and false teachings, through condemning and making a fool of him;

however, they only cause damage to themselves, because their acting gives testimony of intellectual foolishness and ignorance, from which he who thinks spiritually learns even more and becomes even greater and more powerful in his spirit and consciousness.

Rebecca Swinson


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