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Calling All * * * Colts * * * Fans!
12/22/2005 10:01:05 PM
The first part of this post is a hard post to write. My beloved Colts, their coach, Tony Dungy, a wonderful coach and Christian role model, his oldest son, only 18 years old was found dead around 1 AM this morning. Tony and his wife have flown to Florida and the assistant coach will take over in his absence. Please pray for Tony, his wife and 4 surviving children who have to deal with the unthinkable, also even for the team who is an extension of his family and is feeling the grief as well since they knew his son as well. I've found it hard to concentrate today, it's just too heart breaking to even put into words. My prayer is the Holy Spirit will be a balm of healing, peace, comfort, restoration, joy and strength for all affected by this loss. It appears that it may have been a suicide and if that is the case it will make it all the more heartbreaking. I've been pushing back the tears at the very thought of it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On a much different note, it's my desire to try to go to the Colts AFC championship game if they win their first playoff game. This would take place on 1-22nd. Somehow having what happened to day, makes me want to go even more and show my support. I'd like to find a female Colts fan in the Fort Wayne area that would like to split the cost of tickets with me and go down with me to Indy for the game. If you know of anyone please send me a private message and I'll share the details. I've found some really good seats with better prices than what are selling on Ebay at the moment and I'd like to purchase the tickets next week. If the Colts win their first play game then tickets for this second game will be much higher than they are right now. If the Colts lose their first playoff game the money will be refunded so there is no risk. It would be a wonderful thing to be there if they win because it would be a celebration because the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning would be going to the Super Bowl for the very first time. It could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Colts fans, after all some people go a life time and never even see their team playing to get to the Super Bowl. If you are interested or know someone who might be send me a private message. I'll probably put an ad on Yahoo and I'm going to call some Fort Wayne folks to see if anyone knows of any true Colts fans that are fanatic enough :-)to want to go. I wasn't planning to make this post, but with what happened today, I just decided to do it. Life is short, I like to really celebrate and enjoy the good times for all it's worth.

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