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3/19/2010 7:54:29 PM

EasyHits4U is the Best !

Dates Joined on last 20

Those are Only the Sign ups I have on Easyhits4U and don't include the other 11 Traffic Exchanges I belong to. I am a FREE Member to All of them and Always will be. I Very Seldom Surf to get Credits as the Sign ups under me get me Credits and all I do is Assign them. EasyHits4U is still the Best Traffic Exchange

The Reasons are listed Below:
1. Word Matching on surfing
2. Complete control over your credits. You can Assign 0 to Auto assign credits unlike most of the traffic exchanges.
3. Very Fast Servers with a Load of over 1500 surfers you never get a Page can not be display Error.
4. All Stats , Members on line,New Members,total Members are displayed 24/7
5. At 6 a.m. Every Single Day there is Always over 1000 Surfers on EasyHits4U.
6. Everyday 350 to 400+ New Members. Fresh eyes to see your pages.
7. Bonus Credits every 25 pages up to 100 then every 50 pages up to 500 pages.
8. Contests with Huge Credit Prizes Every single Day for the Top 10 Surfers.
9. Surf Drawing Tickets to win More Prizes and Cash Rewards.
10. Cash for Referring New Members even without them Upgrading to a Paid account,
11. You do Not get tons of Ads wanting you to Surf with EasyHits4U like other Traffic Exchanges send out and sometimes 2 and 4 from the same TE's.
12. Get Referrals on your 5th level and you are upgraded to a Paid account at no Charge to you!

All the Above applies to FREE Members. The Paid Members get Many More Features,Cash and Prizes.
When I 1st signed up with EasyHits4U on Dec. 14, 2009 it only had 220,000 Members. Right now it has 241,288 Members with 371 New Members that Joined yesterday (March 18,2010)

You Might want to check it out if you haven't already. It is the BEST Traffic Exchange that I have Found Anywhere and I am Still Looking.

EasyHits4U is the Reason why I have gotten Lots of Sign ups on my Other Traffic Exchanges that I belong to.

I hope the above will Help you get traffic to your pages or I should say More traffic to your Page(s).

Have a Great Day to You and Yours
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