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Simple - The Best of the Butchers Dozen!!
3/15/2010 7:22:24 PM
More sign ups :
March 12, 1 sign ups
March 13 1 sign ups
March 14 2 sign ups
March 15 2 sign ups

4 Days with 6 sign ups. Makes me 54 in all with 8 on my 2nd Lever and 2 on my 3rd Level.
You can't beat this with a Stick...!!! What A Great Day to Be Alive and Well !!

Updated on March 15,2010

Keep checking all my Posts in my Forums and others on here as I will advertise new Money Making Ways from time to time when they become available or I find them!!

Don't forget to check out my FreeWare Utility Forum here on Adlandpro
Freeware Utility Forum

Once you get to that forum then on the right side at the top you will see All My Forums here on Adlandpro

Virtal Marketing
Another One to stay away from!!


Very Bad! Stay Away from the one above!!

Special Kind of Advertising :

Don't Join this one till you get At Least 8 Traffic Exchanges joined below. Then Join this one and
Put your personal ID Code in Each one of these
Traffic Exchanges and then Advertise this on all
The Traffic Exchanges you are on. When someone
Clicks on any of these 8+ Traffic Exchanges then
they are signing up under you!!!!
Join At least 8 or more Traffic Exchanges below Before
you sign up for this one!!
This is My Top Site List. Put your Banner or Text Ad on this and Click on it Once per day to Bring it to the top of the lists. You will get Sign ups here also for your
Business. A lot of Page Views also

This is the Affiliate Company I told you that I belong to. You have almost 200 other companies that you can advertise for there with all Ads & Links and Banners available to you there. It is Your choice on which Companies you want to Advertise for. One or all of them.

This is Where I do the Most Advertising for my Affiliates from AffiliateBot I am In.
I get a Lot of View here and have gotten a few sign ups but not as many as I have on the Traffic Exchanges in order that I have them Listed below. Check the Counters I have at the Bottom. All Banners are the Companies I advertise for thru AffiliateBot.

This is Kinda of like Adlandpro and it is Some Great Advertising where you can promote the Traffic Exchanges and also your Page(s). Make As Many Friends as you can and post as many Ads as you like on other Members "Wall" Pages.
They have a Real Large Member Base and a Lot of People will see your Ads you put up.

People String
Once you Join this one then Make Sure you fill out the Questionaire so you will get your card in the U.S. Mail. You will still make money but it will be Pending untill you get the Card with Your ID # on it. Then put it on the site.
Every sign up you get on People String you get to Spin the Wheel and it is Possible to Win $100 bucks on a Spin. You can get up to 5 Spins on the Prize Wheel each day. For every sign up you get you get a Spin!!

Only thing you have to do is put new banners up and assign credits to the ones you want displayed. Will take about 10 minutes on each one of the traffic exchanges.

The Top 11:

1: EasyHits4U
The Best in My opinion. Great for Lots of Hits!! Voted #1 by there 220,800 241,851 members 6 months in row! Average sign ups per day is 400 !! and Growing everyday. Yesterday at 8:30 a.m. CST there were 1333 Members on line!

2: hitsboosterpro

Don't know if it still applies for New Members but when I 1st signed up I get 20 credit for each page I viewed.

You get 5 credits for every 1 page View. I have over 120000 credits !! This will be #1 before Long. People are Joining this one by the Droves. Already got a Good members Database and it is Growing everyday!!

2.5 : Rainbow-traffic
Very Good Exchange. Great Bonus's and prizes. You get good Credits for all your
Sign ups you get on this one.

3: TrafficGoldRush
Good Bonus's easy matching to surfing pages and lots of Hits

4: 247Autohits
Assign your credits and let it surf in the background if you have a fast enough computer. I have a 3.2 gighzt and it works great for me.

5: 365Autohits
Also surf in another window and I can surf with both 247 and 365 at the same time working on ALP or anywhere else I want to. Easy and fast. on the Autohits you can also Pause your banners and/or websites. Some of the others will let you pause them also.

6: whirlwindtraffic
A Unique type of traffic Exchange. Works Great. You click on Ads instead of matching numbers working small math problems. I get Lots of Hits here

7: GlobalBlaster
Great Hits. Not that many bonus's but you get almost 2x as many credits without the bonus's

8: Hit2Hit

9: clickvoyager

10: Traffic-Splash
Great Bonus's every 25 pages you surf. Lot's of Hits with this one also

Lots of Bonus and contests and Prizes from each one of the above!!
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