Cannot miss!!! Pre-launch in the U.S.A. 50 Pay out to the Distributors !!!
3/10/2010 6:57:36 PM
Compensation Plan

The unmatched Beyond Compensation Plan is comprised of the most rewarding, profitable, and incentive-based structures designed to help you to create financial security for your future.

Experience The Freedom

Beyond has one of the highest payout percentages in the industry with 50% of the company's revenue being paid back to the distributor force through qualified commissions - allowing you to reap the rewards and truly experience freedom in your life.

One of the benefits that distinguishes it from other plans is it highly favors new distributors looking to earn fast commissions while creating long term residual wealth. As a new Independent Business Associate (IBA), you can easily be rewarded for your hard work within your first week of business as an IBA.

With Beyond you have 7 different ways to make money and the ability to participate in such benefits as the Fast Start Bonus, Team Building Bonus, Cheque Matching Bonus, 2% Executive Bonus, and much more. As you grow your Beyond business, and begin to generating on-going commissions you can earn the option to open an additional business center through a Re-Entry Certificate - allowing you to create unlimited earning potential.

Build a successful home-based business on a solid compensation plan that leaves you in control of your financial well-being - providing you with peace of mind. Enrich your income, and improve your lifestyle by experiencing the Beyond Compensation Plan first hand today!

Download the BYM 7 Different Ways to Make Money
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