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Truth about dietary supplements. . . What drug companies don't want you to know!
3/10/2010 5:57:00 PM

The U.S. National Poison Data System has published these annual reports since 1983, and posts the report in the journal Clinical Toxicology. The most recent citing of the data collected from 61 participants indicates that NOT ONE PERSON (man, woman or child in the U.S.) died in 2008 from ingesting a dietary supplement, vitamin, amino acid, herbal product, or dietary minerals.

Hmm…isn’t that interesting.

As you may or may not know, certain media outlets and agencies restrict the language that valid supplement companies can use to describe their product results and expectations to potential consumers. You can see how we describe ours at…

Yet, on a daily basis it seems that we are constantly bombarded with media splashes on the radio, newspapers, and television about recalls on certain drugs that have caused more deaths trying to prevent something else from happening, while many of the side effects are proving to be more deadly than the actual problem itself.

Do you know who received the largest criminal fine imposed in the United States for any matter? Maybe you’re thinking Bernie Madoff? Or maybe the terrorists involved with the September 11th attacks? Negative. Google this: “Largest Criminal Fine” and see for yourself**…

With over half the U.S. population taking supplements in some form, do you think they are wrong? Are they in “danger”? Are they taking risks above and beyond what they truly should?

We do not think so.

Are you one of the millions taking supplements now? What would happen if you took a supplement that was designed to support you and the way your body operates? Supplements made of completely natural ingredients called whole-foods? How much better do you think you would fare?

Are you one of the millions NOT taking a supplement and taking other concoctions that the pharmaceutical industry creates? Maybe you’re taking certain medications to help with the side effects of other medications? Sound familiar?

We know we’ve asked a lot of questions but this new information should make you stop and think. If you want to try a supplement that’s made for you (a human being), then give us a try.

Background on Nature’s Liquids

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To Your Health and the Health of Your Family,


Matt Paddock

CEO, Nature’s Liquids

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