Collectibles For Sale
3/9/2010 3:51:11 PM
Do you want to sell your collectibles?
I MAY be able to help you sell these collectibles you have listed by way of a web site I own.
If you have not already sold the collectibles allow me to help you sell it by giving you (5) free listings.
I do NOT want any money for helping you sell this boat but if it sells,
I would like you to consider referring my web site to other people you know
that are selling things and if you like what I am giving you free,
I can show you how to make some extra money like I am referring people to a web site like mine.
Here is the link to get 5 free listings so you can use one of them to list the collectibles you are trying to sell.
It is 100% free and you will NOT need a credit card.
You will simply set up a FREE account with my web site and you can list the items in less than 5 minutes.
Also, you can insert you tube video of the collectibles if you choose!
Here is the link. Go register for the (5) free listings.
If you have any questions or need help, you can email me direct at:
Andrew Than
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