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3/8/2010 5:54:46 AM
I have been using Firefox since Version 1. I have upgraded about a year after the newer versions came out. I am using Firefox3 now with 3 add ons that server me very well and Speeds up my work on the internet as an Affiliate Marketing.

You can download the Latest Non-Beta Version 3.6 below.


1st add on is "FlagFox" what this does is put a little flag in the address bar or your task bar of the Country that the web page you are on is in. Great Little Information add on for firefox3.
Download it below:


The link above is the Page that you download it from. It is not a download link that starts once you click the FlagFox.

2nd addon is the QuickDial. What this does is put an extra page on firefox3 where you can have up to 64+ Squares that you can put your favorite Web pages in to goto in just one click. There will be a Plus sign on the Tab bar and when you click that you will goto the speed dial page where you see a small picture of the web pages you have already saved. Just click on the one you want to go to and you are there. Download this below:


Again that is the page that you download it from. The reason for that is when you get to the page if for some reason you have the wrong version of firefox3 then the download link will inform you that you have a wrong version of firefox3. Then you can look for an update if there is one. Otherwise you may have to wait till a newer version comes out.

3rd Last but not least. I saved the Best for the last. This addon is called "InformEnter". what this add on does is put a small Blue arrow next to any window that will hold text.
It was meant to hold your Name,Address and city ,state and a username and/or a password. However, you can put any information in there you want to. I put a lot of URL's in there plus links to my graphics (banners from photoshop) then with just one click I have the URL filled in where I want it to go. download it below. Well, what I should say is goto the page then click on the button where it says to Add to Firefox3. Same as above. Great Time Saving add on for firefox3. It is only compatible with Firefox3 and will not work with other browsers.
Go to the download page below.


FlashNote: As you can see by the downloads it has had that all 3 add ons are very popular !!

I hope the above programs will make your surfing a lot faster and smother.

Have a Great Day to You and Yours


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