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A Hazy Mist
2/6/2010 10:49:43 PM

A hazy mist, whiteand cold

Snow and ice, I behold.

Through the mist, a figure I see

Fur-clad, approaching me.

A woman, face beaming bright

Warm, desirable amid the icy white

Arms outstretched, she beckons me near

I stumble forth, then freeze in fear.

At my feet, the frozen snow

Falls away to depths below

Between us now, adeep crevasse

Wide, unbridgeable, alas.

The woman, with a tear in her eye

Raises a hand and waves "Good-bye"

She turns and slowly walks away

I must wait till another day.

I awake to find it was just a dream

Of love that is lost, it would seem.

Why does this dream disturb me so?

How long must I wait, before I know?

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