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To Do Your Blog Being The Following Or You Are Toast
2/5/2010 3:38:04 AM

First of all you have to do some keyword research. Your global search volume has to be 1000 people for the month at least. And the people who are looking for it have to be maximum 15,000 users in a global search to compete. If it is above 20,000 users it is way too competitive.

Also you need to have a subject line that contains the keywords that you have done the research in. Lets say you have done a keyword research for a word. "mlm truth".

You can have then a headline like this. Is Your MLM Company Owner Telling You The Truth?

Then you write a good first sentence like this. Many mlm company owners deceive the new distributors when they make them sign their policies and procedures.

Point is this. You can be the best writer on earth but if your subject line and your first sentence and keyword research is not searched for, your work is useless.

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