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*Making Money Online,,> Tips To The Right & Wrong Way!
1/3/2010 11:56:20 AM

Here are some free tips for a program that will help youbuild your online business rather than take your money and leave you withlittle more than you started.

Did you know that almost 95% of people give up makingmoney online after losing hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and countlesshours trying to make it?

In all honesty, they never even started a business. All themoney and time they invested was just like going shopping rather than buildinga business online.

Starting an online business is nodifferent from opening a business in your own neighborhood. There are certainsteps you must take to be successful.

· Find alocation and put up a sign (your domain name).

· Stock yourshelves (find your products).

· Let peopleknow you are in business (advertising and marketing).

What 95% of people do is to copy and paste from others theysee. There is nothing new, unique, or interesting about their business. Theysit back, waiting for customers who will never arrive, wondering where theywent wrong. This is why it you must learn the basics before you open yourbusiness.

How do you tell the difference between a real mentor and onewho is offering just another get rich quick scheme?

Ask yourself these questions:

· Does thisperson expect you to learn something? If not, find someone else.

· Does thisperson teach in a manner that you can understand?

· Does thisperson give information that will help you build the business you want tobuild?

· Does thisperson give information, or is there always a “catch” that costs you moremoney?

Also remeber to:

· Read whatothers say about this person. Are they happy with the program?

· Be surethere is a money back guarantee in case you decide to cancel.

· Be preparedto devote some time to learning and working. No (100% AUTO) program will work.

You can go to for more tips to a free genuine programand a full year of online coaching. You will get access to 26 videos, worth$197, that teach you, step by step, how to setup a website of your own.

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