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Started on Dec 14 09 and still going strong on Dec26-100's of Hits Per day FREE
12/26/2009 4:54:50 PM
New and More Traffic Exchanges to Join. Going Strong. However, Like Michael Clayton Said. If you don't Work at it then it will Not do you any Good to Join the TE's Below. I stayed on the Internet surfing from 12 hours to 20 hours the 1st 3 days. I got started Fast and it has Paid Off now!! The More you Surf the Faster you will get there.

Secret: Build up your Credits and only Activate your Banners and Rotators when the Most people are on the TE's. Surf at least 300 to 500 or more pages when you Join the 1st one. Join the 2nd one and surf that many pages or more...etc...Advertise here on Adlandpro you Will Get Sign ups. Also the Top Site Lists is a Great Place to Get Sign-ups. You will find the links to top sites on my Affiliate Ads Forum on the Left side of the Main Page.
It Works. If you want 100's even 1000's of people to see your page(s)then follow what I am telling you and you can't go wrong. If you DoNothing then that is What you will get "NOTHING" !! Think about it!! Makes Sense to Me !! Does it to You?

Note: Getting 10,000 page Views per Daydon't Mean a Whole Lot unless they Join!! Get Good Clean Traffic thatpeople are Looking for the Same thing you are Into. I would rather get50 Hits per day and 10 % signups than get 10,000 hits per day and get0% Sign-ups.

Listed in Order that I prefer:
My Top Traffic Exchanges are :

- going downhill fast - up for Sale $99 plus $7.95 a month....Anyone want to Own a Traffic Exchange ?

Those has done more good than the other 4 I have Joined lately. Going to give it more time tho and see what happens!!

ItVery Simple. You put Effort into the Traffic Exchanges and you getRewarded! You don't put forth any Effort then you Will Fail !

Traffic Exchanges and AffiliateBot goes together like a Man and Wife ! They are a Team and they Work Together GREAT !! It is That Simple !!


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