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12/5/2009 10:04:03 AM
I am looking for serious marketers with real lists to join team in the most secure forced 2x2 matrix paying out $777 a cycle.

Heres the deal

  • First Time in History an existing established company with a strong track record has done created a 2x2 Matrix.
  • Firsttimea new matrix program has not been part of a new start upcompany.Instead it is an addition to and a company that has longevityandalready proven to be a leader at creating wealth in others.
  • First time in history the owner of the matrix program designed with the member’s best interest in the forefront.
  • Nomoregames, you now have the ability to cycle and get paid weekly,every weekeither through paper check, direct deposit, or e-wallet.

Whatever your business this is a nice little cash stream opportunity.
  • Step 1 - You Make a Onetime Investment of $299 to join the LGN Prosperity Business:
    $269 will go to purchase your amazing LGN Prosperity Products
    $30 will go to the admin fee
    (No Reoccurring Monthly Fees!)
    Total Investment = $299

  • Step 2 - All You Have to Do Is Find 2 People That Find 2 People and Cha Ching You Get Paid $777!!
    Each Time You Find 2 People that Find 2 People this is what we call a “Cycle”! Each time YOU “Cycle” you earn a WHOPPING…$777
    AfterYou Cycle by Finding 2 People that Find 2 people you willbeautomatically be entered immediately back into a new matrix. BestofAll it doesn’t come out of your pocket!
I am specificallytargeting proactive marketers committed to cyclingthrough the matrixregularly as this will benifit the whole team.
If you think that is you come join me and lets get cycling.

Earn $777 a Cycle

Merry Christmas

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