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The Perfect Connection.
11/6/2009 4:22:11 AM

The Perfect Connection.

The moon I saw in the cloudless night
Was so bright and seamless white
Spreaded the earth's horizons' sight
Like the soft snow on Himalayan site.

The moon may think as its right
to boast at its beautiful snowy light.
The moon may pretend its wholeness forever
that the world can't exist without it ever.

What moon thinks is a fun
as I know there exists the sun.
The rays of sun reflect on the moon
The guys on earth look at the boon.

As there is moon in the sky, so is the mind in human being.
Often mind wants to fly, the reason for its existence unknowing.

The mind appreciates the beauty in delight
And it has performed many a marvel and fun.
But the appreciation spouts from Heart's excite
And there is no mind without Heart, the Inner Sun..

The Knowledge is perfect connection between mind and Heart,
Perfect Master is the King of Heart and He knows well the art.


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