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Songs in the Night
11/5/2009 1:21:28 PM

Songs in the Night

By Rev. Dean Beaty 9/27/09

Psalm 77:6 “I call to remembrance my song in the night: I commune

with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search.” (KJV)

Now that I am getting old with much more time to spare.

I read again the songs I sang and find new meaning there.

I let the words pass through my mind but this time very slow.

And now I find just what it was the author came to know.

In the past I worked to learn the rhythm and the rhyme.

But to know the author’s heart, I did not take the time.

Now I sing them in my mind while quietly at rest.

I see anew the author’s heart and understand his quest.

Many hymns were born of grief, not meant to entertain.

But to show our Father’s care when life is full of pain.

Born of tragedy and loss that time could not erase.

They were meant to show God’s love while in His warm embrace.

The author’s soul will not be seen while singing them aloud.

Nor will the meaning come to you while gathered in a crowd.

They’re truly seen and understood with no one else around.

In the quiet of your heart where there is not a sound.

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