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11/5/2009 1:20:08 PM


By Rev. Dean Beaty 10/27/09

Job 13:15 “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him:” (KJV)

If you trusted God for the new birth,

Then trust Him too while here on earth.

If eternal life is in God's hands,

Then trust His wisdom in all He plans.

Or is your God just for after death;

Once you have taken your last breath?

Then God will show His mighty power.

Is He not so great to trust this hour?

If His wisdom planned the universe,

And sent His Son to redeem the curse.

Did His wisdom somehow stop back there?

Does He not now see and not now care?

True faith believes the Lord knows best.

So I will trust when I'm distressed.

I will not wait for some happy hour,

To have faith and trust in His great power.

Get a big dose of reality.

God is for more than eternity.

If He know the numbers of my hair,

I can trust His love with my welfare.

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