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Magnify the Lord
11/5/2009 1:17:05 PM

Magnify the Lord

By Rev. Dean Beaty 10/29/09

Psalm 34:3 O magnify the LORD with me,

and let us exalt his name together.” (KJV)

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this,

that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (KJV)

O magnify the Lord with me...exalt His name together.

Praise the Lord with thankful hearts in clear and cloudy weather.

This is the task of all His own; to lift God's name on high.

In all we do and all we say the Lord we magnify.

To magnify means make larger that all the world may see.

That Christ is God come in the flesh to ransom and set free.

His sacrifice on Calvary shows Christ's great love for men.

There was no other way for God to save mankind from sin.

Exalting Christ means to lift up and place Him above all.

This should not be too hard to do when Calv'ry we recall.

No greater love hath man that this; to die to save his friend.

How Christ could give His life for men, I cannot comprehend.

O magnify the Lord with me.” Is this so hard to do?

For One who has eternal life and gives it free to you.

We do not come with righteousness or merit of our own.

God's grace is free to all who call by faith in Christ alone.

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