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We Can Do This In Time For Xmas!
10/24/2009 8:56:17 PM

Free members (Non-Premium members)willreceive $0.01 for each referral and will receive $2.00 if their directreferral upgrades to a Premium account. You will also receive10% ofrevenues generated from your referrals' ad purchases.

Premium Members are paid affiliate commissions 5 levels deep!

PREMIUM MEMBERS–You are instantly paid $0.10 for each new referral. When one of yourdirect referrals upgrades their account to a Premium membership, youare instantly paid $2.00 for that member's upgrade. (You are also paidcommissions on any ads that member clicks on) When that member refersanew member who upgrades to premium you are instantly paid a$1.00override commission. You just got paid for doing NOTHING! Evenbetter,that same scenario pays FIVE LEVELS DEEP! And now, level fivereferrals pay as much as your direct referrals: $2.00!!

Let'stake a look at what happens if you were to refer only five new and ONLY three of those members upgrade to a Premiumaccount. We'll use the same scenario through all five levels:

                                                                                            Just do five (5)
                                                                                   Click here...Let's get started !

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RE: We Can Do This In Time For Xmas!
10/24/2009 11:24:43 PM
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