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* * * Important Last Update * * * About Secret Launch!
11/17/2005 2:21:39 PM
Hello. This is my last update on the Secret Launch program. I have just finished sending emails out to each of my 79 personal Secret Launch sign ups. It took me a few days to finish that project, sure am glad it's over. I wasn't planning to make a post on this forum about it but I decided to since I had included several posts about this launch in my forum. Plus a few of my referrals either had bad email addresses or didn't include an email address so this may be a way to communicate with my missing referrals which I feel is my responsibility to do. This is the exact copy of the update that I sent to each of my Secret Launch referrals. =====> ______________________________________________________________________________ Hello. I need to send you an update on Secret Launch because I am your sponsor. I could have posted this on a forum and gotten the word out faster, but I felt that it was important to communicate with you one on one, for one thing, I have to make sure that all of my referrals receive my update. Posting on a forum I would never know for sure who read it and who didn't. This option is taking me awhile to send out one email to each referral, but it's worth it because I want to be a good sponsor and I'm honored and grateful that you choose to sign up with me as your sponsor! First of all, after what I've learned about Secret Launch, I'm not at all interested in upgrading and my advice to you would be that you don't either. However the good news is that I have some alternative options that I'll be recommending. Because of the large team that I have in Secret Launch, we can still be earning ourselves additional income streams if we band together and use our numbers to our advantage. Before I discuss my suggestions for an alternative money making action plan, I first want to give you a summary of what the Secret Launch program is really about so you'll understand why my recommendation is to pass on that program. First here is what others have had to say about it and then I'll follow up with my own personal comments, then I'll end with recommendations that I'm already making good money in so I KNOW they work! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Folks, I just exchanged several e-mails with my sponsor in Secret Launch. Now, obviously you can do what you want but after speaking with him I have decided that this is something that I'm not going to get involved in. Here is my sponsor's last e-mail to me: Hi Jeff, I cannot understand why they are asking the members for $30 when that information is free on the FXtrainer site. Looks like a rip off to me. Please keep in touch. XXXXXXX Thank you, Jeff Secret Launch is Steve Dewitt Trading Program And he is charging $29.95/mo for people to get in his chat room and watch him trade....sure don't know what the Free 30 Trail Launch is??? Then if you join you will have to pay FXtrainer a one time fee plus $60/mo for their trading charts.... Steve disappoints a LOT of people when he does something like this and I know this is at least the second time he has done something like this. Steve does not have a very good name of the web. I got in fxtrainer under steve over a year ago and just could not figure it out. so got out of it. Renee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (OK, this is Felicia again) I also received an email from another marketer and he included some quotes from other people as well. Supposedly Steve De Witt is behind the Global Ventures program and some people felt they were robbed of their money in that program. OK, my thoughts are that I have no interest at all in even considering upgrading in this. Regardless to who is behind it and what his reputation may or may not be depending on who you talk to, I can't stomach that the whole Secret Launch program was a disguise for a program that already existed, so it was a false representation from the very beginning, so I want no parts of it. I've seen parts of a few different forums that have sprung up since the revelation of this hit the fans. You know the type of forums, where folks cry scam, others say how happy they are that they never joined and others even result to blasting Steve and even cursing him. Personally this is not my style at all, I just don't have the time or energy to rail and have negative critical forums, so that is why I haven't created an update forum on this. Even though it will take more time to email folks one on one that is what I'm going to do. First of all it may surprise you to know that I'm not all up in arms or upset over this. I really consider it no big deal. After all we didn't spend a penny on this. I'm the kind of person who likes to make lemonade out of lemons and I see a great opportunity for us to band together and join legitimate programs using our membership base that we've been building over the last 2 months. I have 79 personal sign ups in Secret Launch, my referrals have 148 sign ups. Who knows how many folks those 148 people have signed up. So my proposal is rather than have a fit because you're disappointed in Secret Launch, let's take the group and join some programs that will reward us for duplication and then grow this so that we can work towards creating additional income streams for ourselves! There are 2 historical figures I admire in USA history because of their unbelievable ability to not give up until they persevered. I read once how many times Benjamin Franklin failed in his quest to discover electricity. (it was a high enough number where if it had been up to me, we would still be reading by candle light! LOL) But he just said he had discovered another way that didn't work and he tried again until he succeeded. I've also read a bio on Abraham Lincoln BEFORE he became president. It read like the biography of the world's greatest failure. The idea that he rose from that and even had the faith to try to run for president, let alone win, blows me away. I can't confess to having the type of endurance and vision of Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln, but I can say I started looking for work from home business opportunities in the late 1980's. By the time year 2005 rolled around I had found many creative ways to lose time and money both offline and online! LOL I know my parents sure wanted me to give up. But then in June taking a free test drive changed everything and now I've earned thousands. I'm for sure happy that I didn't give up. I read somewhere that only about 3% of folks are even earning $300 a month through Internet Marketing. After reading people's posts and emails for the last few months I'm convinced that only about 3% have a positive mental attitude as well. They are quick to give up, look for the negative and find reasons why programs won't work even when they encounter a program that is making money for others. Don't let people's reactions or what they do or do not do, discourage you in working to achieve what you want to accomplish. Let's face the facts, most folks aren't making money and if you are influenced by their lack of actions, motivation and drive, you'll only cripple yourself. So here is my proposal: Over the next few days or weeks I'll be recommending several programs and marketing resources. Some of these programs will have a straight line or forced matrix plan so that even those who haven't sponsored any Secret Launch members can benefit as we all join and unite together. I'll also be giving the recommended resources to my Secret Launch upline so that she can pass them onto her lists and referrals if she wishes to. So there could be more than just my downline in Secret Launch involved. Plus I have active forums, referrals in other programs and other contact lists as well. Some of these programs you may have already joined either under me or perhaps someone else, and that's fine. Ok, this first resource is available only in the USA although we have had people from around the world sign up just by using a USA address. If you're interested in obtaining a USA address so that you can upgrade in this program just let me know. (If you don't have a USA address that's fine, because the second resource in this email is available around the world.) I'm mentioning this marketing system first because I know it works, because I've earned thousands with it. I started earning weekly checks as soon as I began to promote it. You can read all about it in this forum. This last marketing resource is available around the world. I've earned over $1000 so far, my sponsor took less than 6 months to start earning $8500 a month in pure profits. Even if you don't have any referrals you'll earn daily in this. If you get a few referrals you'll be amazed at how much you can end up making. Here is the forum for that resource. These 2 programs represent the programs that I'm earning the most money. Over the next few days and weeks I'll recommend additional resources, some free, some low cost and some will have a forced matrix or straight line plan so that we can benefit by offering this to our entire Secret Launch network. Also since I'm not going to upgrade in Secret Launch in the future I'll call my update emails Profit4you Updates and there will no mention of Secret Launch. But before I send another update I'll need to contact all of my referrals and as I do that I'll be creating a distribution list so that in the future I can send out my updates in one email send. By the way if you have any Secret Launch referrals, if you didn't save the contact information emails for each referral you can still log into the back office and I would suggest copying and pasting the referral page in a seperate email or document, so that you'll have this contact information saved in your records in case the Secret Launch website is closed down. If you want to pass on my email to your referrals that is fine. Just make sure to upgrade in the 2 resources above first and then put your URLs in the email before you pass it on! Then ask them to do the same in contacting their referrals. Plus even your referrals who don't have any Secret Launch sign ups may have contacts who are interested in the resources I'll be recommending so really the potential is a lot more than just our Secret Launch referrals. The future looks bright! I'll talk with you again later on this month and will pass on other marketing resource at that time. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * OK, folks that is the end of the update that I sent out to all of my referrals. You don't need to even post any comments here. Honestly I don't even want to spend any more time or energy discussing this, instead I want to move on and try to use this to build a team in several straight line, matrix, or instant pay marketing resource, marketing tools programs. Generic programs that everyone needs to be able to market their programs successfully. My thoughts are that if enough of us band together we can create some additional income streams before Christmas, may even this month if folks want to. You can send me your email address if you want to receive my Profit4you updates, it doesn't matter if someone else was your secret launch sponsor or even if you were never in secret launch before. I've always thought that if enough people came together from this community just to use generic marketing tools that paid you to promote them that great things could be accomplished. OK, well today I'm going to get started on my next project. I'm going to email my 12 Daily Pro referrals with some marketing tips and suggestions. Yesterday I made $172 in referral commission from this program, can you believe it? That was just in one day. On top of that my cash balance increased by over $100 from surfing for less than 6 minutes. Oh if life was always this easy! LOL My next project will be to contact my free test drive system people. I have over 120 who have upgraded and hundreds of test drive members. I've made thousands with that system, I need to email folks to update them on how well that system is working and give them tips and resources that can help them in starting to make serious money. After that I'll put all of my secret launch folks (and those who want to be included) in one distribution list and I'll make some suggestions on generic marketing tools that we can use to instantly create additional income streams for ourselves while marketing out programs. If you want to receive my Profit4you updates please just send me your email address. OK as Bugs Bunny would say that's ALL folks! LOL Have a profitable day! I know that I sure will. Oh, I guess I have one other REALLY Important thing to say! =====>> * * * * * GO Colts! * * * * *

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