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What can a Blog be used for ?
10/27/2005 4:06:52 AM
Hello everyone. Blogs are more and more growing in popularity and you'd be surprisied at all of what they are being used for. I went to check the 'competition' to my company to see what's "GOING ON". Some of it will SHOCK YOU!!! One place I checked has many members from many places and they are in a younger age bracket than myself in general but the stuff they talked about and the language they used ... all I can say is they are lucky I am not their dad. The site has some cool features and would be great if used for something better than to talk smack and place provocative pics. Bye-Bye to that site for me. Well, I'm gonna give some thoughts on the use of blogs. Let's say you wish for your messeges to get to people that are tired of emails being blocked. They can add your RSS link to their "My Page" of their ISP or place the link in their RSS reader and when you write they get updated of your post in 'realtime' so they can read it now or later. So a mail correspondence is one function of a blog. Instead of multple emails all can read the same post like an email and your are not exposing email addresses to the other readers. You also don't have to worry about someone telling you to remove them from your mailing list. They just delete the blog address. NO SPAM problems. Newsletters are another use as some businesses have started doing. Delivery to the readers happens smoothly and can be deleted if the reader wishes to stop recieving. Some blogs 'catagorize' your entries. You can have multiple topics without having to create a new account. One location, many subjects, catagory titles help with search engines placing you in proper listings. Niche marketing. This is my favorite. Write an article on an item of your 'many' items and you have exposed it to the world when it would be normally buried in your many offers on your one site. It's like creating a mini site for each product you promote. And the best part ... articles are better selling tools than ads because people that search for it are already looking to buy and they want facts before they do. An article does just that. Gives facts and you look like an expert in their eyes so they trust you. You have conquered the biggest drawbacks of online selling; credibility and trust. For some, a blog can be private and shared by few or can be shared by all. Your choice. Use it as a diary, a memoir, create a family history and have all of your relatives contribute to keep accurate records of the family. Use it to write a novel. Use it to share homework assignments. Write a thesis. Start a penpal club. Write reviews of movies or artists or music. Create a fan club. Post a band's schedule and use to coordinate rendevous place times for people. Create lessons for students and allow them to post Q&A to those lessons. Talk about pet care. Health care. Social Security. Social Reform. Politics. Religions. Make a grocery list for the family and use it as a check off list when shopped. The entry is dated when what was bought. Home improvement records. Project planning. A phone list for family members and emergency numbers. Or just write your thoughts for therapeutic reasons. Blogs are limitless to their uses. Feel free to add to this list. Kenneth R Sword Jr
Re: What can a Blog be used for ?
10/27/2005 6:56:02 AM
Hi Kenneth, Thanks for another great, informational update. I did want to mention that although we as bloggers don't experience spam, the search engines have to watch out for spam in the form of splogs (spam + blogs = splogs). The reason this is a problem is that while legitimate marketers like you, me and others here at AdLand use blogs to announce and promote legitimate information, sploggers are out there stealing and aggregating our content with automated tools, republishing to gain high rankings and "game" google for AdSense revenues on their fake blogs. Here is the definition of a splog from Splog From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spam blogs, sometimes referred to by the neologism splogs, are Web Log (or "blog") sites which the author uses only for promoting affiliated websites. The purpose is to increase the PageRank of the affiliated sites, get ad impressions from visitors, and/or use the blog as a link outlet to get new sites indexed. Content is often nonsense or text stolen from other websites with an unusually high number of links to sites associated with the splog creator which are often disreputable or otherwise useless Web sites. Splogs have become a major problem on free blog hosts such as Google's Blogspot service. These fake blogs waste valuable disk space, bandwidth, and pollute search engine results. The term splog was popularized around mid August 2005 when it was first used by Mark Cuban, but appears to have been used a few times before for describing spam blogs going back to at least 2003. Several splog reporting services have been created for good willed users to report splog with plans of offering these splog URLs to search engines so that they can be excluded from search results. Splog Reporter was the first service of this kind. There is frequent confusion between the terms "Splog" and "Link spam". "Splogs" are blogs where actual articles are spam, whereas "Link Spam" refers to only spam in the comments of a blog article. "Splog" does not include random comments on the blogs of innocent bystanders, that is "Link spam" or "comment spam". "Link spam" takes advantage of a site's ability to allow visitors to post links. A blog that posts its own spam is a form of Spamdexing that is now called a Splog.
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Re: What can a Blog be used for ?
10/27/2005 7:26:53 AM
Thanks a billion Kenneth, I really enjoyed this report. Perhaps I have seen one but did not recognize it. What exactly does a weblog look like? Comparing with a conventional website is just not yet possible for me until I am sure what a weblog looks like. Please view my website May be you can see an application of webloging and kindly advise me. I will appreciate this. Your friend, Olagoke
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Re: What can a Blog be used for ?
10/27/2005 9:19:49 AM
Development of my personal blog is one of the reasons I've become active here at adland. Mine is a personal/business blog and has a nice little bonus download section for those that sign up. A nice place for family friends and business contacts to find out more about me and what I'm doing at the moment. Enjoy abundance in your life today Everyone have a wonderful day Peace, Love, Liberty Kris

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Re: What can a Blog be used for ?
10/27/2005 9:50:32 AM
HI Kenneth, Thanks for the invite. Thank you for the very good information. Have a great day! Karen

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