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It's Time To Congratulate JASON LAMURE, the 201st POTW!
8/12/2009 7:43:05 PM

Congratulations to the 201st POTW: Jason Lamure!

This is so cool, and a very pleasant surprise. My first order of business is to say “Thank You” to you, my fellow Adlandpro community members. Also a well deserved special thanks goes out to Kathleen VanBeekom and Thomas Richmond for the great job they do presenting to us the awesome POTW weekly forum.

Well here goes, this is my first home and birthplace was Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I was the first child of 3 in my family. After me came my two little sisters. My birthday was September 04, 1963, which makes me 45 years young. I was an active and adventurous boy, and gave my Mom many a scare, often running home or even being carried....with some kind of gory injury. Needless to say, Mom worried a bit when I went out to play. We lived in an older section of the city on Indian Grove, a hilly street with a summer canopy of large oaks and maples. At the bottom of Indian Grove we had a subway station on the main east /west line, Bloor Street. This made it easy to home we could get to Lake Ontario, the Toronto Islands, China Town, the Canadian National Exhibition, simply know as “The Ex” to locals. We often went to high Park and Sunnyside Beach. To get to the Toronto Islands we would ride the old Ferries which was really cool. Later we moved out of the city, to the country.

Moving on to 1981, I graduated from Stouffville District High School, much to my Mom's relief. High School was a lot of fun and I had great friends there. After working at a summer job for my Dad's company (he just worked there, not the owner) they offered me a job working with big mainframe computers. I worked there for a couple of years, then I got a great job offer and moved to Ottawa to Ski in the area and ride motorcycles on the awesome twisty roads in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec. In 1996 I bought a house in a small village 80 kilometers east of Ottawa, a village named Plantagenet.

My computer IT career lasted from 18, all the way until 43...2006. I worked on just about everything and anything to do with corporate IT infrastructure and computers. After a 25 year career, I was downsized in 2006. The huge international corporation I worked for at that time, had shifted jobs to other countries that had skilled workers and very low average salaries. At that point I began looking for for a way to replace my old income. I wanted to find something of my own....I was tired of working for others and making them rich. After some investigation, I started my own business at

After getting my first site going well, I started up, which provides very affordable and reliable web hosting and domain registrations. Along the way I've discovered some great affiliate sites that I use myself that provide valuable services to the Internet Marketing community.

I have no regrets about my decision to get into business on the internet. These days I enjoy more leisure time, and get more out of life than when I had a stressful IT career. I can actually enjoy my favorite activities with my sons. We enjoy golfing, fishing, and skiing and I often attend my boys school and sports activities.

I'd just like to add once more, my thanks to the POTW team, Thomas and Kathleen, and all of you, my friends and fellow Adlandpro members. Be sure to come back again next week and VOTE. Make voting for the POTW a weekly habit...and support your friends! You never know when you might be nominated....when I got nominated for POTW, and then won for the second time, it really caught me by surprise!

Jason Lamure


Congrats again, Jason! This is different, an evening version of the POTW party! Thanks for putting together your bio on short notice! I actually read it just now, you should write a book about all the computer stuff you know. I would probably read that, too. Thanks for sharing all your memories of growing up in Canada and surviving the 1970's and 1980's!

Georgios Paraskevopoulos

Myrna Ferguson

Could this be the next Facebook or Google?


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NOMINATIONS/ELECTION thread for this week ending next Tuesday, August 18th for the 202nd POTW:

Yvette Lemon Tolliver

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate JASON LAMURE, the 201st POTW!
8/12/2009 7:50:25 PM
To my VERY COOL friend... Jason! CONGRATS!!! Yvette
Re: It's Time To Congratulate JASON LAMURE, the 201st POTW!
8/12/2009 7:57:04 PM
Congrats, Jason.  I enjoyed reading your Bio as I have been to most of those places.  Your businesses sound interesting and I will look into them.  Have a great week as POTW 201.
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Donna Zuehl

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate JASON LAMURE, the 201st POTW!
8/12/2009 8:13:11 PM
Georgios and Myrna, Good job on promoting Jason as POTW. Jason, Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your biography. It sounds like you were a lively child! You have had an interesting life and seem very positive in attitude. DonnaZ
Alain Deguire

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Re: It's Time To Congratulate JASON LAMURE, the 201st POTW!
8/12/2009 8:19:38 PM

Hello Dear Kathleen and Thomas!

BRAVO for the good work My Friends!

CONGRATS to Georgios and Myrna, our Wondrous NOTW and such marvelous supporters in all of AdlandPro Community!

Hello Jason,

I just realized that we were not friends and my invitation is on its way...

I enjoyed reading your bio and getting to know You a little better!

CONGRATULATIONS for being our New King... the 201th POTW!

With Lots of friendship,




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