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8/12/2009 6:11:19 AM

We all know that We "Should" do backups of our Web sites regularly, but how many of us actually remember to do it? I know I was constantly forgetting and I am sure that we all do at times. The other thing that many don't do is back up their Databases regularly nor do they optimize them, in fact I am quite sure many do not even know what database optimization is. (see below for an explanation if you fall into this category)

We have developed a system that will Automatically back up your web site pages (the public_html Folder) and backup any databases your site uses daily and also Automatically optimize your databases weekly.

The Backups are sent off your site to your own personal members area of our lowcost-backup storage area.
So if your site crashes or your database gets corrupted and your site fails you simply log into lowcost-backup and you can download the latest backup stored there and follow a few simple steps to restore your site and/or Databases. (you can download the user guide pdf from inside your members area).

We store the last 7 days backups for you, which are listed in the most recent first order in the members area.

In keeping with our strict security requirements the script that is installed on your site is encoded specifically to your site to ensure maximum security for both you the client and us.
Each site is individually set up manually by us and tested before we confirm your order is completed.
The script is set to run once a day somewhere between 02AM and 06AM and every site will run at a different time to ensure that our servers do not end up in an overload situation and neither does the server the site is hosted on.

Who can benefit from Low Cost Backup service?
Basically any web site that uses databases is a potential customer.
So Traffic Exchanges, Forum sites, Blog sites and E Commerce sites are prime candidates.

Pricing and Referral commissions.
We are currently offering the service at $5.99 / month with a recurring $1.50 referral commission for direct referrals (as long as they are active and paying ) This is not a get rich quick scheme but it means that if you have 4 referrals your service would be paid for.

Promotional material
In your Client back office You will find banners and splash pages for those that wish to use them.

The service is based on one account for each site, so If you personally own multiple sites then contact us to see what discounts are available.

Check out Low Cost Backup NOW.

Database optimization (none technical explanation).
This is, simply put, cleaning out the trash. You could liken it to the de fragmentation that you do on your PC to clean it up and make it run more efficiently.
As records in a database are changed or removed it only moves the old info into a sort of recycle bin and this needs to be emptied regularly or it causes the access to the Database to slow down.

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