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pl. read text below,ty
8/9/2009 11:49:40 PM
=========================================== Subject: Gold Nugget Invest Update - Is This The Perfect Program? Greetings Everyone, This is a long message. If you are a member of GNI, congratulations. If not, please read every word. It is safe to say that we will never see a "perfect' program. However, GNI comes as close to perfection as anything I have seen over the years. Below are copies of my earlier updates. First, I would like to share the following correspondence with GNI admin which took place in late April.... begin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert, I currently have 121 personal referrals in your program. I am in contact with many others who would love to join GNI. Unfortunately, the failure of some programs and/or the delays that challenge other promising programs have encumbered their ability to proceed at this time. Of those who have joined, I have heard from several who have stated that your program has been an absolute blessing for them. I'm sure that many other members share this sentiment while remaining silent. Since I have referred a significant number of members to GNI, I am inclined to be a bit more proactive in terms if expressing concerns since many of the current members under my sponsorship (and also prospective members) look to me for advice and guidance. I do have a few questions that I hope you will address. I suspect that most of the members have chosen to participate in the weekly fixed option which pays 6% every 7 days with the option of cashing out or compounding very quickly, many times within 24 hours and always within 72 hours. This is an incredible return, especially for those who chose to compound their earnings. While I certainly do not understand the math or the science behind arbitrage betting, my research and discussions with others makes me confident that your business model is viable. Here are my questions.... 1. At the website we see the following statement.... "Since arbitrage betting is NOT gambling we can guarantee the profits we promise." Would you provide more details about this? Are you actually guaranteeing that your members will not lose the funds they have placed with you? 2. You say that GNI currently maintains accounts with more than 50 bookmakers. Some folks have concluded that those who engage in arbitrage betting are actually cheating the system if not the bookmakers themselves. They believe that when these bookmakers become aware of this, they may be inclined to cease doing business with you and others who engage in your profession. Would you comment on this please? 3. Do you truly believe that you can sustain the amazing returns that your members are currently enjoying? If so, how long do you believe these returns can be sustained? Do you foresee a time when the returns may have to be lowered in the interest of long-term growth? I know that you and your team are very busy, especially with the recent website issues, but I am hoping that you will have a few spare moments to respond to this message. Finally, I wish to add myself to the list of those who have expressed their heartfelt appreciation to you and your team as you continue to work so hard on behalf of your members. GNI is indeed a blessing for many folks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is Robert's response.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Ken Thank you for your ongoing support of our project GNI and I am more than happy to address your questions: The meaning of arbitrage trading is that one cannot loose at all! Are there risks involved in arbing? Yes but very limited ones and every half-way experienced arb trader knows how to avoid them. I will explain: Placing an arb with one bookmaker and then finding the odds has changed when trying to get the other part of the arb on with the second and/or third bookmaker. Therefore we simultaneously place our bets with the bookies involved. The second obstacle is that all bookies have a clause in their rules stating that if they make a mistake, they call it a palpable error, in putting up an odd then they can cancel the bet. One is then left exposed to the other end of the arb. This happened to us only twice since 2006 and since each trade is done with only a fraction of our members funds, the risk is calculable. We make currently a profit of 5-7% of our pool money monthly - after all members have been paid. (And this fact is no secret, I mentioned it many times before...) We never lost money and thus can guarantee that the funds our members invested with us are safe. We do not cheat any system, but take our chances. Bookmakers become aware of arb trading activities if one is placing odd bets, like 1247.57. We are doing this since 2002 and professionally since 2006 and we do not place such bets Since we are still making 5-7% of the pooled funds/month we can maintain to pay our members the earnings agreed upon. Once this situation changes, we might adjust our terms and conditions, but for the moment we do not foresee any changes to the returns we are paying to our members. To be frank Ken, I cannot make any predictions here on how long we will be able to pay such returns and I would hate to be called a liar one day because I did so! Would anyone believed me if I said that Freddie Mac would collapse one day??? Or that General Motors would be at the brink of bankruptcy in 2009 and is depending on government funds to keep running? No one can predict the future and we are just a small three man operation, as you know! - But rest assured: GNI is our baby and we do our utmost to stay alive - and the most important factor for our members is, that we do not take risks. If all that betting stuff wont work anymore one day, then we say bye bye and shake hands for the good time we had together - but first we will refund our members initial deposit! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ end Copy of update from April 11, 2009 (edited to reflect current stats) Greetings Everyone, It has been about 3 weeks since my last update about Gold Nugget Invest. There is a copy of that update below. My GNI back office indicates that 161 members have joined under my sponsorship. However, my GNI team update list contains only 75 email addresses. If you have joined and wish to kept updated you must inform me that you have joined. This program is performing very well. It is not very often that we have access to a program that allows us to access our earnings on a weekly basis and either withdraw them as cash or use them to compound our return. I urge you to take a very close look at GNI if you have not already done so. Copy of earlier update ======================================== Subject: Gold Nugget Invest Upgraded To Category 1 Greetings Everyone, On Monday, March 16, I sent the message copied below to the relatively small group of folks who requested to receive Category 2 program discussions. Based upon information I have learned since then, I am confident that Gold Nugget Invest is worthy of Category 1 classification. The main reason for the upgrade is due to that fact that GNI has been operating much longer than I thought. One of the best sources of information is the Blog published by Paul Abramson. Paul's blog was selected as the exclusive monitor for the GNI program. To see Paul's recent interview (Thursday, March 19) with GNI program founder/ administrator Robert Spearman, click on this link.... It is important to read the entire interview to truly understand the nature of arbitrage trading and Robert's plans for future growth. ======================== Copy of advisory from March 16 This discussion is about GoldNugget Invest. I joined recently and made my first deposit on February 27. I have requested one withdrawal and I was paid very promptly. There is a very informative discussion at the ASA forum. Here is the link.... I believe that GNI will be upgraded to Category 1 status very soon. Here are the main reasons I have joined this program.... ....GNI has an excellent and realistic business model. ....The back office is very simple and efficient. ....The program has been performing well for many months. For complete program details see Robert's post # 2 in the forum discussion. ....The admin is very responsive to support issues. ....Each of the plans has a very affordable entry level ....Income is derived via arbitrage betting, based on math, which is essentially risk free. As it says at the site... "There is absolutely no risk involved by joining our Arbitrage Betting Pool." ....GNI maintains accounts with more than 50 bookmakers. ....Robert has stated that he will cap the membership when the program is funded to the tune of 1.2 to 1.8 million. Here is an excerpt about this issue from an update that was sent to GNI members earlier today... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Many of you are asking whether GNI will be going private, to which I answer with an assured YES. When? This question is best answered by Robert, but it hinges firmly on our level of deposits. Sure-bet traders can only manage a pre-defined level of funds. It's fast paced, requires a heck of a lot of organization and things can go wrong real fast. If I had to guess, i would say by years end the doors will be closed to new investors. We're also looking for a more sophisticated, one who understands the nature of our business, type of investors. In my opinion, it's very important all of you understand Arbitrage trading so that you know how your funds are being invested. Folks, we ARE NOT an HYIP. This program is real." ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I would advise everyone to spend some time at the forum using the link provided above. It is important to understand the business model and to see comments from other members when making an important decision. Here are the steps to join should you decide to proceed. 1. Please use a gmail address for this program and all programs. This helps everyone by reducing the problems that are created when using other email addresses that are more inclined to be filtered or blocked. It only takes a minute to set up a gmail address click HERE 2. Click here - 3. Click on "Register" at the top of the page. 4. IMPORTANT - You must select your sponsor from the drop down menu provided. Click on the blue arrow next to the sponsor box and select (ilyty) which is my username. 5. Fill out the form carefully and click on "Create Account". You will receive a message with the subject "Membership activation required for GNI - Arbitrage Betting Pool" which will contain your activation link and other important information. Once you access to your back office you may select from the following plans.... Weekly Fixed Weekly Fixed Rollover I have placed my funds in the Weekly Fixed plan. IMPORTANT NOTES ....Accepted payment processors are: SolidTrustPay Liberty Reserve V-Money PerfectMoney StrictPay Bankwire ....Our personal referrals are not listed in our back office. If you wish to receive team updates from me you must advise me that you have joined so that I can add your email address to my update list. ....There is no auto-compounding option. You must look after your account. For example, if you invest in the Weekly Fixed Plan, you must enter your account once each week. You will have the option to withdraw your funds by clicking on the "Withdraw Money" link. You may also compound your earnings by clicking on "Make a Deposit". You will see that your available cash balance can be used to increase your holdings in any of the plans offered. Ken
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