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Larry Parsons

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MLM with Perfume
8/9/2009 5:05:50 PM
Hello, A few days ago I was shown a program that I believe will interest all my mlm friends I just need a few people who like a product-based business and once we have five on our top level. The other will be place under our first five members that join. We only have to build 5 lines for maximum profit I know that our upline leaders can be great help to you. Here a report that my sponsor sent to me read it and let us know what you think. . This is mainly MLM with perfumes. The best MLM I have seen in years and in Europe this is number one at this moment and several people are realy earning 5 - 6 figure incomes a month. Just as a start I tried to build this for 1 month here and this realy works. I am in 4 countries already but planned only Netherlands. FM is opening all over the world now and USA is open, Canada as well. FM sells perfumes, over 200 different ones, for a low price and better quality, through distributors. All perfumes are numbered and each number matches a well-known fragrance. But better quality as they only sell perfume and not eau the toilette or eau de perfume. These as NOT copies of the well known perfumes that are sold in copy bottles and only last a short time. Let me explain. Does Calvin Klein creates perfumes?, Does Paris Hilton make a perfume?, Does Armini, or Channel, Gucci? No they all make a living in other things like fashion, leather bagss, etc. But they also SELL perfume. They do not MAKE perfume. They buy the oil to make perfume at the Drom in Munich, Germany. The Drome makes over 80% of all the perfume oils worldwide....... They have over 2 - 3000 different at stock which are all given a name by Drom and are registered by Drom. As an example one smell maybe is named "Morning Mist". And Armani chooses that oil to make their new fragrance for next Summer season. Armani has a expensive bottle created, a expensive box and asks a expensive actor to promote the new perfume in a commercial and the bottle sells for $50 or more. Armani registers the name they give to the fragrance (but they cannot use the name Morning Mist as that is hold by DROM), the bottle and the box. BUT they have no exclusive right to the oil. Drom still has the exclusive rights to that oil. FM is a Polish company and go back over 100 years of making and selling perfumes in Poland and other East European countries. Several years ago Drom asked FM if they were interested in buying the oils and bottle them for the East European countries as the "original perfumes" were too pricy for Eastern Europe. FM bought the oils and had 2 bottles, one for female and one for male, and gave all perfumes a number as they were not allowed to use the names Channel , Calvin Klein etc. use nor their bottles or boxes. In brochures they say these perfumes are "inspired by" ........ , but now all people there and all distributors know what number matches with the pricy Western perfume. As FM made only real perfume in the past they did not want to sell Eau de Toillette or Eau de perfume, but they make and sell now only real perfume. This means 20% or more perfume oil topped up with water and alcohol. From Poland they can sell these real perfumes for much cheaper prices. Since a few years it is distributed by MLM and growing big. Their range has expanded, their bottles and boxes have improved and at this moment they are NUMBER ONE in Europe in selling perfume and sell much more than all the well-known brands together. Their marketing plan is easy to understand and easy to build. You make a profit selling the bottles and while building a downline you start earning commissions from 3 - 21% from your downline and once at 21% in 3 lines you start to earn from turn-over worldwide. Never seen anything like this. I am sure you and your MLM friends must have a large name list with people that like product based MLM and many people you know, especially woman, that like perfume and selling these for a much better price in better quality. Take a look at their website and let me know what you think. You need a sponsor to join and as I need only 5 lines I will help all that start with me. Their website for the USA: regards, Gerry Larry Parsons 30000256
Mark Gibson

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Re: MLM with Perfume
8/9/2009 6:11:25 PM
Larry, Do they have Drakar? That is all I use. Then if you are product driven take a look at this. Thanks, Mark Gibson
To YOUR success, Mark Gibson

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