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Do We Have Freedom of Speech?
7/5/2009 3:17:49 PM
FREEDOM OF SPEECH By Rev. Dean Beaty 7/5/09 The Freedom of Speech won’t be our freedom long, If we take that right from those who we think are wrong. Making it a crime by labeling some speech hate, Will not right a wrong but just stifle the debate If calling “Sin a Sin” is going to be a crime, Then our constitution isn’t worth a dime. People have the right to be wrong if they choose, But if we limit speech, it’s both sides that will lose. The preacher in the pulpit or political candidate, Must both have the freedom to speak forth their debate. I choose not to follow those I think are wrong. But if we stop debate we won’t have freedom long. If congress calls speech “hate” that God has labeled sin Then tyranny and slavery are waiting to come in. You do not gain a right by taking rights away. Good men bled and died that men might have their say.
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