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It's Time to Congratulate JAYSON VANBEEKOM, the 192nd POTW!
6/10/2009 10:45:16 AM

           Congratulations to the 192nd POTW:  JAYSON VANBEEKOM!



I don't remember my birth, but really, who does? But I was told that I was a skinny baby. Skinnier than anyone else in the family. That of course would be the prelude to a life of being skinnier than everyone else. Try as a might, I couldn't gain any weight. It was, and still is, a blow to personal morale.

 And though being told I would never be as built, be it from my friends or even my own brothers, I still enjoyed the life I had. Playing sports activities with my elementary school chums out on the field at recess everyday. Yes, that was what I called enjoying life. Perhaps I should've enjoyed it more.

 When it was time for a change of scenery, a la the transfer from elementary to junior high, I thought of it as an exciting new challenge. And what a challenge it was, minus the excitement. Every friend I made in elementary was gone, off to a different school. I was alone. Surely if I could make friends before, I can do it again, right?

 Wrong. I don't know what it was about the junior high crowd, but they had the attitudes of a man on fire. Unfamiliar and unfriendly, no place for someone lacking a healthy self-esteem. I was in trouble. The two years I spent there have changed my care-free nature into something more cold and closed off. Like an old yet reliable microwave with an expired warranty, I was broken.

 I carried my new sour disposition to high school. But this time, I made the first strike. Before I was told that I wasn't good enough, I told all of them. In a classroom assignment where everyone stood up in front of their peers and told them about who they are, I told them, loud and clear, that I HATE people. I looked them all in the eyes, and they looked back. But I couldn't help but feel that I had made a mistake.

 Apperently word travels fast, because soon everyone came to know me as "The kid who hates everyone". I was labled for being a victim. A victim of rude, insensitive people from junior high. I was wrong for being wronged. I couldn't believe it. Was I a little harsh in my statement? Absolutely. Did they understand? Absolutely not.

 Fast forward to the present day, and I realize the hindsight is 20/20. I got through all those years of school and graduated with barely any friends. Graduated, but lonely. My biography may have been a little serious for those who've read it, and for that I apologize. I just wanted to emphasize that even though I accomplished what I set out to do (graduate), I had forgotten what it was like in my elementary school days.

 Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. A community like this would've been exactly what I needed back in the day. Thank you.

            Jayson VanBeekom

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I love that kid! It's easy because he's my carbon-copy!  I was also very skinny, but it wards off the fat for a few decades so enjoy it!  We all say things that stick too long but every moment is an opportunity to fix it up.  High school doesn't last forever, thank goodness.  You've got a lot going for you, great sense of humor, artistic ability, kindness, and good sense, sometimes more than I have.  Congrats!!

                              Sara Gardner Blow (7th from last)





                              Branka Babic (10th from last)



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Branka Babic

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Re: It's Time to Congratulate JAYSON VANBEEKOM, the 192nd POTW!
6/10/2009 11:36:45 AM

Dear Jayson,


I wished to see you here a far ago ... but never is late.

My editing mode couldn`t prevent me to be NOTW again, but absolutely does not permit me to express my joy for having such an amazing king, with any colors or graphics or musics.

Your story is very heartfelt. Even though mine should be a total opposite of it, there were times when I could realize that I was very good and faithful friend to so many people  ( :( or :) ) ... who simply disappeared in times when I needed friend.

So, this is not my wish to comfort you a posteriori, but ... it`s better if you consider this time as time of a successful accomplishment ... and just empty of memories. One day very soon, you`d be able to realize how blessed you were. I know it could cause your low self-esteem, but this magic self-esteem is very vulnerable, and it`s building and re-building never ends.

You are enough smart and positive to find your own way.

Wish you to spend a great time at your POTW reign.


Let it be your choice and goal.

Hugs and blessings,





Re: It's Time to Congratulate JAYSON VANBEEKOM, the 192nd POTW!
6/10/2009 11:45:01 AM
Thanks again Team!  What!!!  Branka and I won again!  Branka I might catch up with you yet, so hang on to your title real tight :-)

Jayson, I am happy you won.  It is good to hear some more about you from a personal standpoint.  You sound like my sons trying to get through school.  It was not easy.  Why is it some guys are just built with bulging muscles and others seem never to develop any no matter how hard they try??  My sons were both skinny and my oldest still is - just put on a few pounds, maybe 5!!  I can understand your frustration with your peers because I saw them go through it.  Stanley was very popular in elementary, even elected Class Favorite but when he reached 7th grade, different story!!  Girls mature quicker than guys so at that age they were looking for 'older' guys.  He never really got over that, I hope you overcome and find your own niche, maybe you already have.  We are glad to have you in ALP.
Enjoy your week as Prince/King!!

Congratulations to Branka also!!

Jeffrey Schultz

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Re: It's Time to Congratulate JAYSON VANBEEKOM, the 192nd POTW!
6/10/2009 1:02:14 PM
Congratulations Jayson...Enjoy your week in the spotlight....

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Jeffrey Schultz Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out and meet it.
Alain Deguire

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Re: It's Time to Congratulate JAYSON VANBEEKOM, the 192nd POTW!
6/10/2009 1:36:20 PM

Hello Dear Kathleen and Thomas!

Congrats to our NOTW Sara and Branka for their continual support...

Hey Dear Jayson!

I read your story young man and, trust me, I can relate to this perfectly... I am not sure that high school is necessary easy for many... this is surely a tough period of growth in life... but, for me also, especially the two first year of high school were infernal and, I know is was terrible also for my sister... I think this is really part of our growth process and in finding our true nature... You can now look ahead at the promising future in considering what there was to learn for you through these experiences... It will make you better and stronger!

You might be guessing that I did not had any related problems with being skinny though ;-) in fact, it was quite the opposite... just to say that here again this is part of learning to love ourselves as we are... no matter what others might say around us... no easy task!

I am really happy to see you being recognized today here as the 192th POTW... these are part of the experiences that we need to consider in this process of learning to appreciate and love ourselves... observing that some people do appreciate and consider us for some reasons... GREAT Young Man! Way to Go! CONGRATULATIONS!

With Lots of Friendship,




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