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What's Your Back-Up Plan?
6/5/2009 8:18:30 AM

Hi there,

What's Your Back-Up Plan?

Most of us think that bad things can never happen... or that they
only happen to "the other guy." But what happens when you become
"the other guy"?

You - and I - need a "back-up plan."

This could be:

1. Investing prudently and building your net worth to the point
   where you can live off your investments.

2. Learning a second skill or profession.

3. Joining a Matrix program like and building an

4. Collecting a sizeable inheritance that will enable you to live
   the life of a gentleman or lady of leisure.

5. Marrying someone with a good income who will support you in the
   style to which you would like to become accustomed.

Of these options, my own back-up plan is #3 (mainly because #4 and
#5 didn't pan out).

A few years ago, I began to think, "What if something happens that
makes me unable to continue making a living as a software developer?"
So I started my own Internet business, creating and making available
application products - Contact Management System, Math Test, Snake
Game, File Renamer, and eventually much more - online.

Today, my little Internet business generates a very nice income for
me... yet I spend only an hour or two a day on it!

Do you have a back-up plan? If not, do you intend to put one into
place soon?

Visit today for more reasons why we call Plan B

(for the rest of us).

If you have young children, then is
a great way to build a college fund for them. You can sign them up but minors
can not take any money out before the day after their 18th birthday.

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All the Best,



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