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Bar B Que
5/19/2009 3:36:03 PM
I love to cook especially if it's outdoors Bar B que. Here's a simple ,healthy and delious main courseSmoked Chipotle Buffalo Short ribs. What i like to do is using a dry rub of salt pepper garlic podwer and chayne pepper and first brush a little garlic grapeseed oil on the ribs then rub the dry rub on it . lay it on sranwrap pour two or three shots of jack danels in the wrap and then wrap tighty.then wrap in aluimin foil and refrigerate 2 hours or more overnight is great.Put your meat on the coals the next day indirect heat for about 11/2 2 hours In the mean time get your favor sauce ready I like a mix of Dark beer soy sauce and worcestershire sauce and favor to taste withchipotle in adobe sauce I soak wood chips I like hickory or mesquite chips in water I thanpull the meat off and add the wood chips to the coals.Open the foil and remove the saranwrap put the foil back on loosely for about 1/2 hour with lid closd smoking it . after that put the meat on indirect fire add your sauce and with the lid closed smoke and brown for another 20 minutes Be careful the meat wants to fall off the bones Have this with a nice ear of corn and your favor beans . Your welcome. Pork or beef ribs will work also just not as healthy .Thanks for leting me in your forum I can't wait to try some of yours thruout the summer
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Re: Bar B Que
5/20/2009 12:07:38 PM
Hi Robert,

Thank you for sharing your Bar B Que recipe. It sounds yummy. In one of my health topic articles there is an article telling us that marinating meat in beer or wine helps prevent the cancer (pancreatic, I think) from forming. Apparently just grilling meat at high temperatures without the marinade can be unhealthy. Now we have another marinade we can try.


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