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Felicia Harris

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Get Paid To Build Your Own Contact List - NEW! Just Launched!
9/4/2005 7:56:53 PM
~ ~ ~ Forced List Profits just opened their Public Pre-Launch today, September 4th at 4 PM ET! The Mail Matrix is a free List Builder tool where you can promote your business to other LIVE marketers every single week. You can earn enroller bonuses, matching sponsor bonuses and a profit matrix residual income all while you build your own contact list! I won't go into any more detail here, because the website explains it all! It's a 2x forced matrix so sign up quickly, I have received spill over already! ________________________ Monday 6:10 PM ET Update ________________________ WOW, I have to say that I'm just blown away by the initial response to the Forced List Profits Program. I didn't even tell one person about this resource until 9 PM ET Sunday evening on a USA holiday weekend and now less than 24 hours later I have 47 in my Mail Matrix downline and 33 of those folks are my own personal referrals! I'm just blown away. (in fact my downline is growing so quickly I'm going to need to go and check my downline numbers again to edit them before I make this post) It's not too late for those of you that haven't signed up for the free membership to grab my link and go for it. Those that moved right away are very happy because they received serious spill over. But the most exciting spill over is when you're earning hard cold cash from it. A few have upgraded to the Profit Matrix but you can still upgrade and have a great position in the paid matrix. Those that act quickly will be happy. I'm going to experiment with marketing this program rather than marketing my actual regular primary business opportunities. After all I receive the email addresses of my referrals and if they stay subscribed I can follow-up with them on my other programs. This type of approach could actually give you even more prospects to talk with about your main programs and build you a real nice full-time monthly residual income from Forced List Profits before the year is over. And did you know that the monthly residual part of the plan is paid out weekly?! And there isn't a recruiting recruirement to earn, all you have to do is upgrade. Hurry, because there are still spots available on my second level in the Profit Matrix, but they won't be there for long and it hasn't even been 24 hours, amazing. Also know that I haven't even contacted various contact lists that I have about this yet. Have you taken a look at the pay plan with this program?!!!! Even free members can earn cash, but take a look at the earnings potential that comes from the Profit Matrix for all PRO upgraded members! If everyone who has joined goes out and tells 2-6 other people we'll be one happy group and remember no money at all is made without there being PRO members and those who act the fastest will be placed the highest in my own 2x forced matrix. PRO members also get to email their contact list more often. And a filled matrix of only a few hundred people pays out $4000 a month, payable weekly! WOW! All of the info is on the website so check it out again, it's exciting! So let's make some money for building our own contact lists! I just LOVE it! :-)

I've enjoyed making money working from home for over 8 years. I have a real passion to show others how to do the same.

All members share in a revenue profit pool that is paid out several times a day! You don't have to sponsor to participate and earn. Get paid very well just for advertising your business. No daily sub commitment. Start with as little as a one time $2 ad. This site has a write up that explains what makes this income stream so unique. ~ ~

~ Register for free today. ===>>>

This income cash strategy paid me $500 the first week that I tried it. Since then it has paid me over and over again. Now it come with a free Marketing System. You can also access marketing resources and training to help you to build any business. You can be paid in 48 hours.~ ~ ~

Re: Get Paid To Build Your Own Contact List - NEW! Just Launched!
9/4/2005 8:09:01 PM
Joined Your team, will try it out.
Re: Get Paid To Build Your Own Contact List - NEW! Just Launched!
9/4/2005 8:09:30 PM
Thanks, Felicia On the surface it looks good. I will check it out when I have more time, not being one to make "snap" decisions. Katherine
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Ron Stouder

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Re: Get Paid To Build Your Own Contact List - NEW! Just Launched!
9/4/2005 8:21:20 PM
Good Going Felicia. Way To Boogie. I'm in. ron s.
Ron Stouder
Re: Get Paid To Build Your Own Contact List - NEW! Just Launched!
9/4/2005 8:22:21 PM
Hello Lady, Just want to encourage you to keep up the good work. Offers like this are an important part of many marketers strategy. Not something I need at the moment, though. Thanks anyway, Randall

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