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This one works if you do.
4/22/2009 4:58:12 PM
You won't make money on this unless you work with it, but if you are willing to put in some effort, you will be well rewarded for that effort.

 bHIP gives you SEVEN ways of earning income, allows you to choose your own level of involvement, offers you unparalled upline support and online assistance enabling the newest distributor to expand their business.

This is all with a ground floor, global company that has gone through the growing pains and is now on the verge of explosion.  Less than 500 distributors in Canada, so enormous potential for success.

No hype and no pressure, but I would be happy to help you achieve the level of success you want, but only IF you want it.  Check my website at and let me know if you are interested.

Re: This one works if you do.
5/12/2009 1:04:40 AM
I lost 100 times more money than you did, It was when I gave up taking everything to be scam that I found what works. I will remind all that we are all the sum total of all the decisions we have made all our lives. So I encourage you to take a decision now on who you want to be 1 yr, 2yrs, 10yrs down the road. Pick up one business that can change your life financially. I am sure there are so many good ones out there but for me and mines I can vouch for : I am very sure that: 1. It works. 2. It costs only $10 a month. 3. It is in every country in the World 4. It is a fortune 500 Company. 5. It is US's 37th fastest growing company (reported by Fortune 500 Magazine and others) 6. Everybody can do it. 7. It pays huge.

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