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The One-Minute Cure: CURE FOR ALL DISEASES!!
4/6/2009 12:53:19 AM
The One-Minute Cure: CURE FOR ALL DISEASES!! If you’re like everyone on this planet, you’ve undoubtedly been affected by disease in one way or another. Either you have suffered from disease yourself – or someone you care about is (or has been) a victim of a devastating disease -- or maybe even *died* from it. QUESTION: Did you know … that there’s a simple therapy that has been *scientifically proven* to prevent and CURE virtually all diseases – from minor ones like the flu to “incurable” and life-threatening ones like cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease? HINT: This one-minute therapy, which *anyone* can easily self-administer at home, is being deliberately suppressed in the U.S. -- while more than 15,000 European doctors have been using it to heal millions of patients. Discover this one-minute cure that they don’t want you to know about by going to: It’s important that you learn this simple therapy as soon as you can -- before it’s BANNED by enterprises, pharma-cartels and agencies whose incomes are affected by the dissemination of this information. "Every household must have this book" How would you FEEL if a sick person you know took a turn for the worse -- or even died -- when you could've shared the one-minute cure that might have healed them or even saved their life? You can prevent this from happening by giving the gift of "The One-Minute Cure" not only to yourself but everyone you care about. How many people do you know who are presently battling disease, at the brink of death -- or don't have health insurance to cover their health conditions? What kind of difference could you make in their lives if you gave them this book? Don't forget that "The One-Minute Cure" is not just for people with incurable or life-threatening diseases like AIDS, cancer and heart disease. It's also effective for everyday diseases like the flu and the common cold. There hasn't been a single incidence of the flu or cold in my family ever since we've been using this one-minute therapy.

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