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3/30/2009 10:03:46 AM


Please send me the tips you have to advertise a GDI free website. With GDI you get a website, 10 e-mails, a custom domain name, 5 GDI Corporate websites to promote the business, and FREE hosting of those sites. A value package of $104.95 if you were to buy each item seperately, but your able to get the WHOLE THING for only $10.00 per month. Isn't that a bargain?



Raymond E. Gay IS RayFromReno
3/30/2009 10:49:35 AM

Hey Ray, I have several tips I will outline for you here.  If you would let me know how you market your GDI now it would be helpful.  Also GDI is a great company all the tips I show you will work with GDI. 

Welcome to Paul and Kim’s Forum!


  I really wanted to put this forum together to try to help new Marketer’s and Old Marketer’s like myself, to share ideas on how to promote your business.  I have been marketing on the internet for 6 years which is not a long time by any means and there is no way I know everything or even touched the surface on all the ways to market here.  I just know when I first started I had a hell of a time getting out of the gate.  I don’t want that for anyone else.  Any tips that you want to share and any questions you have we will do our best to answer them for you. 


1)  SAFELISTS:  A Safe List is an email mailing list that people join (of their own free will) which enables them to send email offers to all the other members in exchange for agreeing to receive email from those other members. So you get to mail, but you have to agree to receive mail too. And no one gets accused of spamming.

Some Safe Lists are free while others charge a small annual fee. Those that charge a fee often offer you the ability to send mail without having to receive any.

So how does this crazy arrangement work? Don't people just sign up with a Yahoo account and never read the mail in order to get to send mail?  It used to be that way. It isn't that way any more.

Today, Safe Lists have grown up. It had to happen. After all, every advertising medium started out rough and then became more polished. Safe Lists have matured in three important ways.

1. In order to get people to actually read the mail that gets sent, smart Safe List operators now give away cash money every week. The trick is, they hide it in some random email. So in order to win the $1000, you've got to read the mail. This strategy alone has caused Safe Lists to become very appealing, since much more of the mail is now being read.

2. Safe Lists’ owners have instituted rules to stop people from ruining their list. By placing a limit on how often you post, banning attachments and more Safe List operators control their lists tightly.

3. Safe Lists have become web-based. This is the big one. You NEVER download some list, add them to your address book and send them via your email program. It's all on the web now and can be done in only a few minutes. And the mail is sent from their web server, not yours.

  While these are a nice place to start you will not get rich from them, I still use them and get 3 to 4 new sign ups per month.  If interested you can send me a message or you can type safelist in the search engine.

2)BOUNCE BACK E-MAIL:  I’ve had good results with these.  Anyone that sends you an e-mail promoting there product or service, you simply send them back an e-mail promoting your product or service.  This is one that I use most frequently.  Feel free to copy and paste if you like just don’t forget to change my information with yours.  I just hit reply and send this.

Hello Name!

I just received your email today and I must say it sure caught my attention! I hope your business is going well for you. My plate is pretty full with a business of my own right now but I think I can still help you!

We recently discovered a system that can generate an unlimited number of pre-qualified leads for your business. You won't believe all of the AMAZING tools you get with this system!

All of the sifting and sorting is done for you so you don't have to wade through all those tire kickers. You just work with your high quality pre-qualified prospects.

In all my years of networking, I have never seen anything like it when it comes to finding a good mousetrap for prospecting, capturing the prospect's data and following up. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! You'll have to see it for yourself to fully appreciate the value of it.

Look, bottom line, (NAME), is I want you succeed in your business. I want everyone to succeed in their home-based businesses. This isn't about my deal is better than your deal; it's about a tool for building your business that's flat out HOT!

Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself. It only takes a couple of minutes. You'll be blown away!

In any case, I hope business is booming and all the best to you in your future endeavors.

Until we meet again, here's to your success!

Paul and Kimberly Deslauriers 

PS: Be sure to watch the Movie on the Home Page and demo the "Sample Sites"


3) SIGNATURE FILES:  These are one of the easiest and most effective marketing strategies you can employ. Always include your signature file (sig file) with every email that you send.

Your signature (sig file) gives you the chance to tell people a little bit about who you are, and what you do. Then, you get them to respond by visiting your URL, or calling your Sizzle Line.  Wherever you send them, make sure it leads to a mouse trap where you can capture their contact info (with a sizzle line they can be asked to leave their name, number, email, address at the end of the message).You've heard of viral marketing, right? The concept of Viral Marketing is simple: let your message spread through email the same way a virus is spread. Five email five, who each email five, who email five more. When this happens five more times, your message has reached a million people! WOW!

  In case you’re not familiar with what is called a mouse trap, it’s just a landing page to collect your prospects info where you might offer a free gift, free newsletter, or e-book.  Something so they have to leave there information.

Here are a few examples of a sig file.

                 \ \ ! / /

                ( @@ )






Stop peeping over the wall AT the Internet.

Be a part of the modern day Gold Rush. How?




Paul Deslauriers

1 (800) 530-9194


                \ \ ! / /

                ( @@ )






Are You Looking For The Answer To

Simple Internet Marketing Solutions?




"Hey guys...All I can say is WOW!


Randy Sherrill, Momentum Media

This Sig File is a little because I wanted you to see it clearly.


  This is just a small list of ways to get started, I look for anyone to post there ideas, experiences, and tips here.  Thanks everyone for participating I will add to this often.  Feel free to ask any questions here or send me a private message up to you. I wish each and every one of you success.

The Sig file above was humor this is the one that I use.  If you like use it or make 1 of your own.


All The Best!

Paul and Kimberly Deslauriers

Online Business & Marketing Coaches
1 (800) 530-9194

"How to MASTER Internet Marketing"
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to help you market like an Internet Guru!



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