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Do You Twitter?
3/23/2009 7:34:45 PM

Sign Up to this forum if you would like to exchange/follow other members of Twitter.

Remember to include your Twitter ID, eg:

Here's to your microblogging success!



P.S. Please make a brief post with your Twitter ID so others can see and join you. The place to submit your articles, bookmarks and much more.
Re: Do You Twitter?
4/18/2009 4:15:32 PM
Yes i twitter i think i'm addicted, Help my name at twitter is rswins They are limiting the amount of people that you personally follow. i got to 2001 that i was following less followers and i could not follow anyone else. so i started unfollowing to e able to follow later those i would like to now i am a lot lower in both catagories and it is confusing a little to say the least// i am using to advertise, but mostly to helo and to minister to those who follow me..

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