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Helping people, help themselves.
3/18/2009 9:34:17 PM
Life is hard. Make no mistake about it. However, those of us with a positive winning attitude possess the ability to overcome challenging circumstances. This year I am making a commitment to improve as a person. Not to be bigger or greater. I just want to be better! For all of you who dare to join me, I salute you all. I'm 100% certain that our collective efforts will make this world a better place! Be empowered my friend. Dr. Lloyd 1-800-320-5645 /ext.9785
Mary Guariglia

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Re: Helping people, help themselves.
3/18/2009 11:08:20 PM
AMEN to that! This is why I love the Network Marketing Industry. We need each other to survive and it attracts many like-minded "good" souls who want to help others.

This is why I like your post here too. I am a mentor and a coach with a Mentoring for Free training system that is free for all. There is no money to make-it is not an affiliate program. It is a training  program of over 10 free training calls a week. We have skills as well as self-development calls and we read Think & Grow Rich every Wed night 3pm EST and 8pm EST and comment on the concepts chapter by chapter. This week we talked about Faith -chapter 3. Without developing Faith, there can be no success in anything one does. Napoleon Hill, author of the book reports his learning from studying 500 of the wealthiest men in his era and how they got that way and what they had in common!

Guess what the most common thing all these men had for their success? A Master Mind Group of people!  And we have the power to gather up our own group as well.

I do not think "Life is Hard" It is only hard when we do not go with the universal flow. When we do not think we can, and are ungrateful for everything, we are working against nature and nature bites back! I learned now how to see the positive and create my own reality by what I think! Think & Grow Rich? What a concept! It works and I can prove it.
We can and will help each other through this understanding. We need each other and that is a very good thing to need. But we must do our job our selves-with help but we will create our own success or failure. No one else is responsible for that -just us!
Great posting forum idea! TY
Your AdlandPro friend, Mary
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Re: Helping people, help themselves.
3/19/2009 8:21:25 PM

Absolutely my sister!

You have communicated much wisdom in your commentary. Those who apply the wise words that they speak during their appointed time of need will dare to be great! Everyone else will need the help and support of people like you and I. This is a great work you are doing concerning the coaching and mentoring training. I too participate in the same line of productive work. It is truly liberating indeed! Be empowered my sister!

Dr. Lloyd

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