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It's Time to Congratulate the 177th POTW: ROGER MACDIVITT!!
2/25/2009 11:13:19 AM

      It's Time to Congratulate ROGER MACDIVITT, the 177th POTW:



I have to thank everyone here for this wonderful accolade.
February has proved to be special for me.
This month I have had two friends dedicate threads of their forum to me. It has brought me joy and many new friends.

Born at the end of the 1940’s in the U.K. I was part of that generation which was to enjoy the new freedoms that, in the 1960’s, brought a wave of new music, more prosperous living patterns and the start of new technologies. As far as my own country (England) is concerned, I was probably the first male generation not to be conscripted in any way in either civil or overseas wars for many centuries. My father had Irish forefathers and my wife is half Welsh so I am a real mix of British.

I was not a high achieving student, due mainly to a mental condition which I was unable to label until my 6th centenary , but, I was always successful in things which I was attracted to. I consider myself fortunate in that my parents were encouraging because they were interested in a wide variety of things and despite their poor financial circumstances, following World War II, they gave me and my sister a good grounding in manners and social responsibility.
I left school at 15 and took up an apprenticeship in the printing industry. My ambition was always to escape the confines of a “working class” label, which, I was never ashamed of but saw as an obstacle to advancement in (still) classbound England. I married at the end of my apprenticeship at the tender age of 21.

After moving into management outside of the industry proper, I retained my links to printing and a few years later secured myself a directorship in a successful local general printing company. Frustration set in after a few years and I made a move into a partnership. This move, while successful businesswise, was a poor one due to poor character judgement about my business partner.

A difficult few years were to follow. My hobby had always been gardening which I now took up as my profession, moving into garden design, a skill and passion that I continue using today, but, the real garden work is restricted by arthritic problems. During all this time I dabbled with politics, local community issues, built a family with two daughters, ran mlm businesses, ran telecoms and health product businesses and many other things.

My wife, who worked as a legal secretary for many years, was always supportive, despite my insistence on only working in jobs that I enjoyed. I always considered work to be an important part of living. We brought up our two lovely daughters who have rewarded us in turn with three wonderful granddaughters. We are fortunate in that, until recently, they all lived nearby.
The one love that I brought from my schooling was writing, loving the English language, and that love had given me numerous other rewards through copywriting, committee secretaryship and chairman in community projects and also as a way to enjoy rare spare time. At times in my life when things were quieter I wrote poetry and articles but rarely kept copies. In the last few years I have, when time has allowed, written the odd poem. I find now that I just like experiment. Sometimes my finished poems fail to flow or use predictable rhyming but this is often secondary to another aspect of the poem. I do not consider my poems to have literary merit but hope that they inspire others as they have me.

Having studied hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming as an aid to business I quickly discovered that my love of people and my natural affinity with them could result in another way to earn a living with failing physical health. I now have the honour of helping others whilst doing what I love. I now run workshops, undertake therapy and offer Life-Coaching and Goal-setting. I am also a Time-Line therapist, a wonderful tool developed by Tad James. I am an advocate of The Law of Attraction having received direct results as proof of it’s effectiveness.

I have worked a great deal with children who I help by using stories as therapy and continue to do so in person and via the internet on

I recently stepped back from marketing to concentrate upon developing a new team based system.

I am a passionate member of Adlandpro and love to network with my friends.
I live in a beautiful town, in England and in a beautiful country. I share friendships with people worldwide and at 62 I still have huge ambitions, mostly concerning travel and work with disadvantaged children. I have most of what I need which is a privilege in these times. I view the future with relish as even supposed bad times bring opportunity to learn.


Thanks, Roger!  You're very interesting and personable, and a fantastic poet!  Congratulations again on winning Person of the Week!

           Georgios Paraskevopoulos (10th from last Nominator)



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                     John Partington (7th from last Nominator)




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Re: It's Time to Congratulate the 177th POTW: ROGER MACDIVITT!!
2/25/2009 11:28:05 AM

Thanks POTW and for the award this week to our wonderful friend, Roger MacDivitt.


Enjoyed your bio and feel I already know you.  You are appreciated in the community and a favorite of many (especially me).

Enjoy your new Corvette - I think the tires are still in good shape, I am such a good driver!


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Thomas Richmond

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Re: It's Time to Congratulate the 177th POTW: ROGER MACDIVITT!!
2/25/2009 11:34:27 AM
Good day Roger, thank you Kathy for your hard work. Dear Roger my congrats go out to a special man of Adlandpro, you diserve it king Roger. Enjoy your week! God_bless you. Bizzy Thomas  :)
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Re: It's Time to Congratulate the 177th POTW: ROGER MACDIVITT!!
2/25/2009 11:41:22 AM
Hi Team,

The men took over this week.
Georgios and John
#10 and #7

Roger MacDivitti

I enjoyed reading your bio and how you love helping people, we sure need people in this world to help everyone they can.  I appreciate all you do for us on Adlandpro.  My wish is that you have a wonderful, week as king.  Enjoy your reign, king Roger


Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: It's Time to Congratulate the 177th POTW: ROGER MACDIVITT!!
2/25/2009 11:43:27 AM
Kathleen, Thomas!

Thank you for the invitation to POTW 177. Very nice to see an old friend be the winner of this contest. I see that I and John are the nominator team of this week. LUCK US! I would like to send my bests to my nominator team mate John Pardington telling him that Philoxenia POTW, BFA and JP Award Support includes now also all JP Awad activities.


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