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The Greatest Superpower in the World
1/26/2009 11:24:46 AM

Hello friends,


Here's a question for you...


"If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?"


Do you remember John Assaraf from The Secret movie?  I took some of John's classes a while ago and I can tell you he is a GREAT teacher, especially if you want to learn how to create true success.


Watch this video to discover the superpower that success coach, and author of the recent best seller 'The Answer', John Assaraf says every person desires:


Click here:  The Greatest Superpower in the World


There are a lot of cool superpowers out there: invisibility, mastery of the elements, reading people's thoughts...


But you know what?


Of all the dozens of superpowers we can think of or imagine, when asked this same question...



Every millionaire and spiritual master chose the same power!



What is this one superpower that every wealthy and successful person agrees is the best?


More importantly, why do they believe this is a power YOU can possess?



It's easier and more effective than you could possibly imagine.



You see, the wealthiest, happiest, most successful people in the world have come clean about this power for centuries.


World-renowned success development giants like Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, and Oprah Winfrey all possess and teach it.


So why haven't you discovered and used this incredible superpower yet?



It's so simple, you've probably ignored it!



Don't make that same mistake again. This isn't a slick, polished pitch for some new coaching program or product.


Actually, it couldn't be farther from it. Just a conversation between John Assaraf and an underground insider, Harrison Klein. In fact it's pretty un-polished if you ask me!


But what they talk about will blow your mind.



What if the greatest superpower in the world was one YOU could possess?



You'll never know unless you check this video out:


Your Very Own Superpower is...


The Greatest Superpower in the World


If you haven't heard of John Assaraf, he is one of the most famous wealth and business experts in the world and was featured in the movie, "The Secret."


Listen to what he has to say, put it to work in your own life and business, and be sure to listen to the very end to find out how you can...



Weigh in with your favorite superpower!



You'll also learn how to cultivate this superpower for FREE plus plenty more. It's an intense conversation, but you and I get to be flies on the wall.


WATCH THIS! Then get ready for your life to change.


The Greatest Superpower in the World


I mean, hey, if this is how the rich and successful people of the world are doing things, then that's all I need to know.


If you want the type of money, success, and life that millionaires like John Assaraf enjoy...


Well when in Rome...




I know I am.


Many blessings for your success and prosperity.


In love and gratitude,


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Re: The Greatest Superpower in the World
1/27/2009 2:26:31 AM

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