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Push Button Extreme is even better than Lawn Chair Millionaire
1/22/2009 1:03:33 PM

Hello friends,

Yep, here is a new one and it is a BIG one.

You may remember Lawn Chair Millionaire, which is still active. Many people include ME made a LOT of money with LCM for over a year now.

Well, the owners of Lawn Chair Millionaire have just introduced a new program that is even BETTER.

Here are some of the main points of the pay plan:

$40 fast start bonuses for each new person you sponsor

$15 monthly for every single person you sponsor

Plus you will move up the line every single time anyone new comes in -- pushing you closer to getting paid by the extreme matrix. It doesn't matter who brings the people in -- you still move up the line. We all do. So people will definitely be making money even if they don't sponsor anyone.

They also have a lead-capture page builder that you can use in the back. It is just one of the products you get as a member.

Push Button Extreme pays WEEKLY on a free debit card you can order from the member area.  Some of you (like me) may already have this card from Payoneer.

People are joining this FAST, so I encourage you to get in there and get your position to take advantage of this early start.

You can join for free and get all the details here:
I encourage you to UPGRADE as quickly as possible to take advantage of all the new members joining after you.

Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Folllow me on Twitter....


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Re: Push Button Extreme is even better than Lawn Chair Millionaire
1/22/2009 4:02:14 PM
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