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Purchase from $1.00 - Earn up to $2,097,151 - Step by step - Advertise - PTC - PTR - PTS
1/16/2009 7:26:55 PM

Take Your Level - Make money easy
TAKE YOUR LEVEL                             
                  Invest from $1.00 and receive payments Up to $2,097,151

Payment systems that We now accept:

1. Alertpay [5% + $0.25 withdrawal fee - Manually withdraw in 72 hour, minimum $1.35 - Automatic deposit] - Accept Credit Cards
2. Liberty Reserve [1% withdrawal fee - Manually withdraw in 72 hour - Automatic deposit]

No deposit fees.

Manually withdraw and deposit usually done in less than 12 hour.
Members please use same payment system for both deposit and withdraw process.
Deposit some money.
Buy tickets, promote us and earn.
Become Millionaire.

System is fully automatic.
When your Ticket ID change Level you will receive automatic payment to your account in value of lower level.
Yes, you can take all your earned money at any time with no minimum or maximum value limits.
We provide detailed graphic statistic and recommend you to promote Take Your Level as much you can.
Payments directly depend of invested money.
More Ticket ID we sell payments to your and other accounts will be faster.

Minimum investment is the price of the first Level = $1.00.
If you buy Ticket ID on higher Level you will get rich faster.
Higher Level grant you first payment in the value of that higher Level,
and less members on the Level means faster payment to your account.
Buy as more tickets as you can. Each Ticket ID You may have, no matter how much it was cost you, at final grant you Total: $2,097,151.
Example: if You buy 10 Ticket ID, at final you will earn:
10*$2,097,151 = $20,971,510

When you make deposit at least $1.00, you need to purchase tickets.

Login and then under Member area:
1. Click on Buy Tickets button
2. Check tickets you wish to buy
3. Click Continue
4. Click Confirm.


You will start earning immediately but we strongly recommend that you promote us !

Click on the text link below the banner you like in the Promo. Materials members section.
Than just select and copy the code from the text box at the bottom of  Promo. Materials page.
Paste this code where ever You wish into Your Web Page. .

(example: click on 1. 468x60)

(Code Example: )

This is unique banner address:
This is member link:
Please dont use this code, use Your code from your member area as we described.
This is only example

Does this promo link work making new members in my personal download or it work as a global referring link to the web?
     When you enter your promote link in the browser system activate referral session which is under your name
     and open link
     No matter what your visitor doing, after he decide to register, will be register as your referral - guaranteed.

Promotion - Affiliate benefits

System is 100% proven.

1.) We are implemented referral system which will grant you 5% of each referral payment. That means:
When your referral become a Millionaire You will receive in total 5% of $2,097,151.
If You have more than one referral, calculate how much it would be.

2.) First 3 best promoters will be rewarded with money directly to their accounts at end of month. ($3, $2, $1)
We strongly suggest you to promote our site where ever you wish.
We provide all necessary material on Take Your Level site under your member section.
You dont need to write to us to apply for approval.
To keep maximum referral earnings promote Take Your Level and send 240 or more unique visits daily.

3.) You will receive up to 5% on each referral purchase and referral Level transition payout.
Promotion suggestion: Auto/Manual surf, Paid to Read/Click programs, Safe Lists, Banner Exchange,
E-mail Advertising, Matrix System, Paid to Signup, Community, Forums, E-book, etc.
Detailed referral statistic, and your earning statistic you can find at Promo Rewards under Member area.



Are you interested in advertising with us ? Click on red Advertise button.
Below are the different types of advertising services we provide.
We offer many options and are confident, you will find one to fit your needs. Choose your Advertising package:

1. Paid To Read
2. Paid to Click
3. Paid to Signup
4. Sponsor Left Side Link
5. Sponsor Right Side Link
6. Banner Advertising
7. Link Box Advertising

To Advertise on Take Your LevelYou need to be a Member of Take Your Level
and have at least one dollar ($1.00) ticket purchased. How it works:

1.) Click one of our advertisings from above.
2.) Choose Your package exactly.
3.) Please fill out the order form
4.) Complete all the information requested on the form then click submit.
5.) When you are done you will have the price, that you need to pay, calculated.
6.) Once your payment has been confirmed, we will process your order immediately.
7.) You will receive confirmation e-mail with your tracking Url.
8.) You also can see detailed advertising statistic under member area by click on Advert. Statistic button



Click on the Extra Earning button and choose desired link from the left table.
Earn some extra money which will be added to Your account balance instantly.
You need to be Take Your Level Member and have at least $1.00 ticket purchased to gain Extra earning.
Real time statistic available.

1. Paid To Read and Visit - Earn from 0.083 to 3 cent per Read and Visit Ads. Timer from 5 to 180 sec
2. Paid to Click - Earn from 0.083 to 3 cent per Click on Link or Banner. Timer from 5 to 180 sec
3. Paid to Signup - Earn $0.20 per Valid Sign Up at Sponsor Offers
4. Link Box (Multi Earning System for Webmasters) - Put Link Box on Your site
    and earn Up to $0.05 per 1000 valid cell impressions - Plus, when people join Take Your Level from
    your Link Box you will earn up to 5% from each referral Ticket ID    
    purchase or payout, advertisiement purchase and referral extra earning at Take Your Level system.
One more time: Referral-promotion benefits:

    If Your Referral purchase $1.00 Ticket you will earn up to $0.05.
    If your referral receive $1.00 payout during Level transition you will earn Up to $0.05 And so on...
    Figure: When your referral earn $2,097,151 you will earn up to $104,858 from your referral.
    Total referral earning = number of your referrals * $104,858
    If your referral purchase advertisment you will earn up to 5% from purchase.
Plus you will receive up to 5% from referral Extra Earning.


To Success.

Take Your Level - Make money easy

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