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Me2everyone-Virtual World Owned by Every Member - Free Shares!
1/12/2009 2:27:13 AM

Me2everyone-Virtual World Owned by Every Member - Free Shares!


I'm  extremely, extremely excited to introduce you to a Site that will potentially have a profound impact on your financial freedom.

This is not an HYIP or surf, it is a real legitimate bsuiness.The founders are in the UK and a friend of ours is in daily communication with them.

It is FREE to join and the first 5000 members will receive a bonus 2500 shares which have a Forecasted value of GB£1450 by December 2012.

For every friend you recomend you will be awarded 5000 extra Shares.

Please watch the short Presentation (have your Audios on) and sign up :

We estimate that 5K members will be signed up by Sunday-Monday.

And if you would like to treat this as a business venture,please send an email to :

With 'Ripple Info' in the Subject Line, sit back and be prepared to be blown away.

Have a Phenomenal Day!




New Social Networking site - owned by every member!!!

"me2everyone" just pre-launched and is looking forward to welcoming "YOU"
as a shareholder in this company!!!

Membership is free and every member automatically becomes a shareholder.

During the pre-launch period first 100,000 new members will be given 1000 FREE shares.

Members can introduce their friends and earn bonus shares.

Whenever members interact they can increase their share ownership, creating
thousands or tens of thousands of shares with a real-world value.

me2everyone is a place where real-world entrepreneurs, retail stores, trades people and
the whole business community can connect and interact with prospective customers.
It’s far more powerful than simple advertising: it’s more of a brokering service to ensure
new sales.

me2everyone membership is powered by these ripples.
By 2012 we are aiming for 220m members, all creating ripples, which then translate into increased wealth.
So, we developed a special “Ripple Membership”, which gives you a wide range of
benefits that most other members just won’t experience.

The Benefits

- Choose your own membership level from GBP £3.00 to GBP £3,000
- Receive Passive bonus shares from the first 3,000 members
- An ongoing monthly income that grows as me2everyone becomes successful
- Inword bonuses, special credits and enhanced rewards
- Continue to receive standard inworld benefits

Ripple Membership is a passive benefit that quietly runs in the background
generating income. So, turn the page and discover how all of this can create an
income stream during 2009 and beyond...


Join Now:



Me2Everyone has sent us a copy of their FAQ to send out.  It will hopefully help some of you get started easier.

Now, here is the promised FAQs.  If you would like more information or ripple forms please contact our ticket desk.


Give me everything in a nutshell!

1. me2everyone launches March 2009 as a social network / business network
2. Its owned by our members
3. It never has to cost a single penny
4. It will be available in different languages
5. It will have everything you expect from a leading social network plus a lot, lot more
6. We are investing heavily into IT
7. We are launching the Global Exec (board of advisors) which can be a FREE upgrade - limited to 300 people
8. We are also looking for 6000 freelance Customer Care Managers across the world to look after business accounts
9. We are an evolving and very young company

Is this for real?

1. Yes. Its free to join and free for the rest of your life.
2. We are a UK-based company and debt-free
3. We have an authorised share capital of GBP £18m
4. We have an experienced management team
5. We are transparent and willing to go the extra mile/km for you
6. We are making all our members shareholders to create excitement. This equals growth

I want to join??

1. Please click on the me2everyone link that was sent by your friend.
2. Please the look for the yellow REGISTER FOR FREE button
3. Click this and then complete your details
4. If you have any problems let us know. We are improving the sign-up system next week.

The code to join keeps saying I'm wrong!!     UPDATED

Are you using AOL?  The problem seems to be either with an AOL browser or AOL themselves blocking access.

1. We have asked our web team to look into this.
2. Only a small number of people are affected by this bug.
3. Please tell us which browser and operating system you are using.

Ok I filled in the form, but where is the button to register?

1. Under the form is the text for the agreement.
2. At the end of the text it asks you to accept the Terms of Use
3. Click the box to tick / check it
4. This goes to the confirmation page
5. Check you details are correct.
6. Tick or check the next box
7. This registers you in the system
8. Enter your email address and password that you chose on the form
9. Click the yellow button

Can people in the same house using the same computer join?
Our IP address is the same - is it a problem?

1. Having the same IP address won't be a problem. Many people will join at Internet Cafes and the library
2. We only store the IP in case of a future problem on the account.
3. You can register anyone over the age of 16 for membership

My password is rejected in the Members Area
I get no email when I request my Password...

1. Have you registered yet?
2. Please click on the me2everyone link that was sent by your friend.
3. Please the look for the yellow REGISTER FOR FREE button
4. Click this and then complete your details

If you have any problems let us know. Only a few people have this error
We are improving the sign-up system next week.

Where is my activation email?

1. We do not send activation emails out

I signed myself up twice - then realised it's illegal. What can I do?

1. Thank you for your honesty
2. Please send an email to telling us the ID numbers you have and the ID number you want to keep
3. We will then block your other ID numbers

Why does the population go down from time to time?

1. When we block an ID, this reduces the population

What population do you think you will have?

1. The original forecast was 3000 members after 7 days. We achieved this in 20 hours!
2. The forecast for month 1 is 10,000 members.  We think we will achieve this in 4 days.
3. The forecast for the 60 days until launch was 30,000 members... we may get there a lot quicker :o)

How long will members get 2500 shares for joining?

1. Only the first 5000 members will receive 2500 shares for joining
2. After this it drops to 1,000 shares until we reach 100,000 members.
3. Then it falls to 500 for the next 100,000...
4. We will let you know what happens closer to the time
5, By the time we reach full launch the shares for joining will be 10 per NEW member: this makes the business sustainable for the
next 12 years.
6. There will be inworld bonuses though - more on this soon!

How long will I get 5000 shares for recommending people?

1. You will get 5000 shares for everyone you recommend until the population reaches 10,000
2. Then you receive 2,000 shares for every new member you recommend - until the population reaches 20,000
3. Then you receive 1,000 shares for every new member you recommend - until the population reaches 100,000
4. Then you receive 500 shares for every new member you recommend - until the population reaches 200,000
5. By the time we reach full launch the shares for recommending will be 10 per NEW member.

I want to recommend people. Where is my ID number?

1. Thanks for wanting to support our young company
2. Log-in to the Members Area
3. Click on the Recommend button
4. After the first block of text there is a link with your number on it
5. You can use this link to recommend the site to a friend
6. You can also copy the link and add to your own emails
7. Your referral ID web link is also on the Log-out page

When someone clicks on my recommender link it defaults to What's happening?

1. When someone clicks on the link a cookie (a small piece of code) is given to the user's computer
2. The page then goes to where the lady makes the presentation
3. When they reach the registration form, the form asks for the cookie
4. This then links the member to you.
5. We are looking at a page improvement so all prospective new members know the link is from you
6. We will also add the name of your introducer to the members area

I recommended some people, but they are signing up at and I don't get the benefit

1. Please make sure you give them the full URL - example:
2. If anyone registers at without your recommender ID, they will be logged to the company
3. We will contact individual members to ask who recommended them and then re-assign them to the correct person
4. This tool should arrive in the next few days.

What can I do here?

1. This is the pre-launch website.
2. It only provides information and allows you and your friends to pre-register for massive bonus shares
3. The main me2everyone world is being created now

The site needs some improvements!

1. We agree!
2. Our forecast was 3000 members after the first 7 days. We achieved this in the first 20 hours!
3. We are going to put a PDF link on the Welcome page that tells you more about m2e
4. We are going to create a new home page in the members area, with all the important info there - like share total, recommend ID
5. All new members will receive a welcome email. This shows their recommend ID and suggested text for recommending
6. We are making the population growth figure more dynamic and putting this on every page.
7. Ripple PDFs will be available online. We will also put other PDFs online
8. We are putting an FAQ button online too.

I want to know more about the Ripple Pack - why don't I have a pack yet?

1. The pack is more than 3MB in size and we have been surprised by the numbers of people requesting this pack
2. We are sending packs out across the weekend via email
3. We will be adding a link to the website very soon, so that you can download directly

What is the Art of Wealth? What should I expect?

1. A document will be sent to you very soon
2. This is a way to create a business or join our Exec team to help grow the organisation and make money.
3. There are 3 options: Global Exec Passive; Global Exec Active and; Customer Care Manager

Kind regards

The me2everyone team

Join now!

Best regards


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