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Make Room For Success
1/11/2009 3:09:28 PM

Hello friends,

When participating in a prosperity teleclass with a dear friend of mine, my friend  sugggested creating a Prosperity Project to accomplish a task you want to complete, but have been procrastinating about. 

We talked about the power of clearing clutter and cleaning off desks and organizing offices - which I have intended to do for months - so I decided it to make it a Prosperity Project.

Saturday morning I cleaned everything off my desk and began organizing.  Almost the moment my desk was clear (making room for more, right?), I got a phone call from someone interested in my business and he signed up as an independent distributor on the spot.

Within 2 hours I got another phone call from another man also calling about my business.  He also signed up on the spot.

Here's a couple of really interesting things.  Both men are from Canada; they don't know each other.  Both men found me on the Internet and both men made comments to me like, "I think you will be a good leader and mentor to me."

They both said almost the identical thing! 

My friend's lesson on the teleclass was a nudge I needed to take action - and it payed off big time - so I wanted to pass this suggestion along to you too.

There are many areas of our lives where can Make Room For Success. 

For example, when your office or desk is cluttered with stacks of papers, where is the room for success?

If your closet is cluttered with clothing you no longer wear, where is the room for more?

If your garage is cluttered with stuff, where is the room for a new car?

When you begin to make room for what you want, it will begin to appear in your life as if by magic.

Try it and see!


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Enjoy making room for success in your life!


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Re: Make Room For Success
1/12/2009 3:13:30 AM
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